Well friends, I had a good run, but Covid finally caught me. Thankfully, vaccinations plus a good dose of luck means I've got a mild case and no one in my circle has picked it up from me (fingers crossed that both remain true!!). Still, I'm tucked away alone in my bedroom with plenty of time to muse on clothes for the next few days! A few random things of note - nothing new, just the usual with a small tweak (which seems right given I am generally happy and content with my current style situation).

Shopping - after fretting about a shop-heavy spring, I only made 2 purchases this summer (one being the "100% my body" shirt which was part purchase, part donation I guess). So it seems I find myself once again averaging about 3 purchases per month (a little over actually - including accessories, shoes and clothing; not including underclothing and necessary basics, which I didn't buy much of - and I may have missed something as I'm not super-strict with tracking) *sigh*. I would still like to lower the number. Working on it!

What I Wore This Summer - Lots of black and white (my BR tanks have well-earned their spot), but some solid colours too - deep red and deep green tanks, periwinkle puffed sleeve tee. I enjoyed my soft shorts although my white stiffer-cotton shorts still got worn a lot. Graphic tees got passed over, as did jean shorts quite often.

What I Will Wear This Fall - I have two main 'lifestyle buckets' which frankly aren't super-distinct in clothing style; nonetheless I have some different priorities for how I want to feel for each - this is a different way of looking at it for me, and it's rather helpful:

At Home (70%) - includes both working, Mom/home duties, and active lifestyle goals. How I want to feel - comfortable, energetic, motivated

Social (30%) - This includes everything from errands or lunch with a girlfriend or my dad, errands around town, etc. to an evening out, because the basic uniform is the same (perhaps with a blazer, heels or more jewellery for nighttime) How I want to feel - polished, protected, at ease

My social wardrobe needs are more than well-covered and I will continue to be more intentional with at-home wear - I have a great foundation of neutral pieces and a few fun colours (which might add that 'energetic' element?), so the goal will be the wear these with joy, taking as much care with these outfits as I would a social outfit (hair, makeup, etc.). This is the majority of my life so I need to treat it with at least as much attention as a dressier oufit!

Shopping Plan - I don't need a think, so unless something really sparks joy, I don't want it

That's it! Kind of boring really, but then, so is isolation so it's on-brand for my current situation haha! Thank you for indulging me if you got this far! Would love to know what you've been musing about as fall approaches! Are you feeling content, or are you looking for change? xx

Find: August purchase and my only one for fall thus far - a wool(ish) utility jacket to replace my much-worn-but-now-worn-out blush moto, and my now-too-small denim jacket. It sparked joy and thus it came home with me