I have always thought that I am quite a rational person.ln touch with my emotions yes but not completely at the mercy of them especially when it comes to straightforward unemotional transactions such as buying clothes.
Well,how wrong was I!Angies and Runcarlas recent epiphany post really chimed with me.I think that most of us would at least recognise the feeling of being unable to wear clothes the colour of our old school uniform.l ,for example,have an inbuilt aversion to bottle green having spent my formative years in it.l have also only recently been able to face wearing navy as it was the colour of my work uniform.Nothing really bad ever happened to me at school or work but I still have this reaction to those colours.
What further brought this into focus for me was starting a new job in retail wherewe have to wear the clothes that we sell.Great,l thought initially “free” clothesfrom a retailer that I do shop from.However we were not at complete liberty to choose as we would wish and there were quite a few restrictions on choice which resulted in me wearing clothes that I personally would never have bought or worn-and much to my surprise Iwas really quite perturbed by the idea that people would think that these had been my free choices.
I did not realise that I cared so much until this point and it surprised me.After all I ve worn uniforms all my life with no problem.
Everyone was dressed the same and there were no expectations of appearance other than to be clean and in correct uniform.
The other thing that surprised me was that whilst I worked in this retail job and was in receipt each month of at least one item of clothing,l had absolutely no urge to buy anything myself.lt was as if the process of receiving new clothing even if it wasn’t to my taste was sufficient to quell any need I had to buy clothes.This has made me wonder exactly what buying new clothes does for me emotionally.l used to think that it was because I wanted that particular item of clothing but now I’m not so sure.
So there you go,I ve indulged in some on line self analysis so over to you now.Are you a totally rational shopper or do you suspect like me that something else is going on?