I like a mix too- depends on my shoes, my top, the cut, my mood....,

I honestly think anything goes....,almost.

I was wondering about stirrup pants the other day - they were big in the 89s but have never made a serious revival. Maybe another thread...

LisaP.......you are not alone in your love for cropped pants. I'd be lost without them. I've got 3 pairs of cropped flare jeans and I'm eying more because it's my favourite style. The flare is great for balancing the hips. I've also got a pair of cropped vintage straights that have a relaxed fit. Even with skinnies and straights I never go longer than ankle bone. I love baring my ankles during warm weather and showing off booties when it's cold.

I don't think ankle pants are going anywhere anytime soon. But this is the first year in a few where I haven't wanted to add any. Wide-leg crops in particular (the Jesse Kamm shaped ones) feel like they've peaked. I'm seeing variations of that style everywhere (Target, ON, Lands End, etc), often with lower rises and slightly less-wide legs. I'll keep wearing the ones I have (I have one pair from Everlane and one from Madewell) but I'm feeling like I need to be more intentional about how I style them in order to keep them looking distinctive.

And Lisa p is exactly right that full-length can give off a menswear vibe. That's part of the appeal! Here are my Diane Keaton inspo photos. I love that she still rocks the Annie Hall look so effortlessly.

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This is such an interesting discussion. I don’t think that I really think about clothing this way? Like I don’t think “what looks fresh this year?” It’s more like, “what is available that I like?”

But, I am a late adopter. When new silhouettes show up it often takes me quite a while to be able to envision wearing them myself. I am just now at a point of contemplating adding wide cropped pants. I guess I am the “everyone” you all are trying to avoid looking like, lol!

I like the mix of lengths too. It DEPENDS on the silhouette, shoes, weather and my mood. Wearing FULL length skinnies with flats today.

Thanks everyone for your input!

krishnidoux and Gretchen - YES to tailoring! It's rare that I fit any pants right off the rack (long, narrow waist with bigger hips and tush) so I almost always have to have them taken in. Maybe that's part of my predicament over which to let go and what to add....

It's not about having the latest/freshest, but I've had most of my pants and jeans anywhere from three to eight years, with only two pairs being less than two years old. Since I'm purging, I want to make sure I am looking at those that scream "outdated" first. Like my thigh-sucking 7" rise flares (a la Britney Spears). I can't let myself add any until I get a handle on what's already in my closet.

I also don't think ankle length and crops are going anywhere, but I am not looking to add any either. Like Janet and LaPed, I am craving looser fits and full lengths, and the option to roll or cuff my hems....

I would love to find a high-waist boyfriend or generous-straight-leg jean or chino, with a flat front, 32"+ inseam and minimal whiskering or distressing -- my HEWI

La Ped - I could see you ROCKING Diane Keaton's look!

Sal - I nearly spewed coffee over my laptop when I read your comment about stirrup pants! I LOVED those back in the day! HA!