@lisap @Roxanna: I just looked at CM and literally every single top is Unwearable under a jacket. Either it has bell sleeves, some oddball draping, off the shoulder sleeves. Yikes!

@suz: I haven’t seen much. I like the dotted BR top but am not sure about neckline either. Colour and print are really good though.

I am waiting for something with lace, and then I’m pouncing. I Love lisap’s and viva’s tops!

Good post!
Isn’t “ viva”s lace shell “ the best?
I really can’t use sleeveless- I want the short-sleeved version which is kind of an oxymoron, since that doesn’t layer as well. But.
What is similar is that last year I recognized a big wardrobe hole of “ tops I can wear untucked that look like they’re SUPPOSED to go with blazer and pants”. Right fit, right length, right colors, collars that work.
Without that, I was having a mishmash trying to put together complete outfits. Ideally they are versatile ( the tops) but most important is to develop combos I actually love.

UF, that's it -- the neckline and cut of the top have to be "just right." Not easy! It's probably a bit easier for those who can wear a V neck. I can wear one, but only if it is very narrowly cut.

Smittie, Lisa, YES!! What the heck is going on at CM?? For heaven's sake! That used to be a place where you could be guaranteed of finding at least one of this type of top.

Style Fan, you are so sweet. It seems sold out everywhere then...too bad I did not know I had this hole when it was still available. But if I find something else I will let you know!

ETA, I ordered a few from J. Crew that may or may not work. Not exactly what I wanted, but one will work as a casual and crossover summer top if it fits (it is cotton), one is something I've wanted for a while ( a sparkly cami to wear under jackets when I have no intentions of taking the jacket off or when I'm layering over with something else and want sparkle to show) and one is jacquard ink and black and quite structured, so could potentially work well (again, if the fit is right) -- would work with my ink jacket or my navy ones.

I'm going to be in Toronto in early March. I might be able to grab some shopping time then when DH is doing some errand of his own.

I actually do have a coupe of sleeveless tops carefully picked for under cardigans when I’ve no plan to remove. Last year I couldn’t resist this Anthro top which has a high enough neck and armholes and curved hem.

I got a lovely silk sleeveless Equipment one last April at Nordies. Major sale. I’ve never really looked at their stuff before as it’s pricey, so I don’t know if they usually carry such a thing, but might be worth checking out and stalking

Kkards mentioned my favorite...Vince Camuto shells. They wear like iron and look great on their own or under a jacket. Also look at offerings by Classiques Entiere. I added a bunch of finds from my wardrobe. You will see a similar shape, high V or scoop neckline that touches or is close to the dudes of the neck, a bit of draping or gathers at the neckline add interest.

No suggestions, but enjoying the eye candy. Good luck on your hunt Suz!

I love the florals on your J Crew picks, especially the Collection one.

I'm thinking that, with probable Summer colouring, you might want to find a grey-white (oyster) rather than a yellow-white (cream/ivory). It's a super hard colour to find -- I know Everlane does some of their silk tops in grey-white, but I think you said you already have some Everlane shells that won't work for this particular purpose?

LaPed -- you are so right about the white. I can do a true white, though, and a cream tone will (surprisingly) still work passably though it is not my best. Winter white is best but as you say, really hard to find. Everlane is worth looking at. The shells I already have are bright red and a sort of medium blue -- I wear them as stand alone tops in summer.

Joy, thank you!

Suz, I also love the Zara one you listed that Lisap also liked. Can you tell me why you didn't try that one? (I actually might order it today - as this "completer piece" is also a hole for me too.) Just wondering what made you wait on it...

PS On CM, they really must be having a sleeve moment. I had dinner with our daughter Anna, and she had on a gorgeous sweater with these huge sleeves with lacing detail: CM, of course. I have no idea how she got her coat on over them!

Vivian, I haven't decided not to order the Zara. But I would need to order something else, too, to get free delivery and returns here, so I will need time to consider that.

I love, LOVE, how the Forum reaches out with so much incredibly helpful information. Although I personally am not shopping for this exact type of garment, I will be saving the information for future reference.

You said it, Sterling. We are lucky indeed to get this kind of help here. It has made my life so much easier!

Suz, I have been following along, holding out hope for my own holes. You have fabulous jackets! I have a couple of older Vince Camuto that work well for me. I have a couple of sleeveless blouses from Loft that can hold their own if the jacket needs to be removed. I have had some luck at TJ Maxx, but it is hit or miss and you have to take time to go through quite a few racks to find the hidden gems.