Just putting a good word in for the Ecco and Blundstone boots Angie featured this morning. Last year I bought the Ecco Modtray Chelsea. They were terrific boots, comfortable, orthotic friendly, with surprisingly durable soles, and very waterproof -- until, all of a sudden, they weren't! (Ooops! But honestly, the downpour in which I wore them for over an hour was extreme).

Alas, I wore them out -- the insides were broken down after the year's hard wear and they had become too loose on the top so stones were forever sneaking inside -- not comfortable!

To get a fit, I had to use a Superfeet sole to take up some of the width in the boot. I do not have narrow feet but I like a snug fit in the midfoot and I need to be mindful of heel cushioning.

This year, I opted for the new Blundstone lug sole. I already owned the women's heeled style. It is the best fitting Blundstone (for me) I've ever found and is super comfortable and a good "all round" bootie for urban trips where I can only take one shoe. Not dressy, but it passes when necessary and yet is also tough.

I wanted/ needed a versatile, durable boot for casual walks on the trails and sidewalk-less streets of my neighbourhood-- to replace the Ecco. The lug sole was my solution and so far, I like it a lot. I sized up for length in this boot and then had to add TWO insoles and a heel cushion to get a decent fit -- they are quite wide and roomy. But I do like the width in the toe area and this boot is working well for the purpose. I've now taken it on several serious hikes with a lot of climbing and the soles have held up!

Anyway -- reviews for those who might find them valuable!