Oh no, I should not have read this post because now I want that JCrew shirt - it has lilac tigers!!! You will be stunning in all of these purchases.

Bijou....pssst....there are TROUSERS, too. I didn't order them. I am tempted, though. It does look a bit like a pajama set with both together, but a gorgeous one. Reviews for the shirt are extremely positive. Collection items tend to be high quality.

Not that I am enabling, or anything.

I want to steal your wardrobe. Every single bit of it. Can’t wait to see the WIWs! Please post a review and pics of the j crew wide leg crops, this may be the year I give that silhouette a try. I wish I could find the Earth sandals in a wide width/lower heel, they are the best.

Blue makes your eyes dance, and you wear them beautifully! Milk it!

I haven't read all the posts, but I counted your items. Less than half of them are blue! (by 1). Hey, if you love it, you love it! I love purple, but I can't find that many clothes I like in purple.

Suz, you have the CUTEST style!!!

I know I left a reply yesterday but must have forgotten to hit Submit. Enjoys the blue. It can be your signature and you can always sneak in a little of the berry colors to change things. When I think of blue, I think of member Clearly Clare. Didn’t she have a 20 piece wardrobe with three dresses, all blue?

Well, _I_ am never going to tell or encourage you to stop buying blue :). All these pieces look great, I'm sure you'll enjoy them all. I tried the BR navy animal tank but the neckline was way too high for me.

Can you tell me about the tee you're wearing in the pic? YLF by the way. And I'm sorry to hear your amazing weather hasn't continued. We are still sub 20 here, and have even had several single digit days since I got back. YUCK.

Joy, didn't Clare do a 10 piece wardrobe?

If it ain’t broke...?

Elizabeth, the T is by Out of Print. I get almost all my graphic tees there. They are book themed. Which suits me.

I have the library stamp one, The Raven, and a few more.

Thanks for the enabling, all. And yes, Claire had an an amazing wardrobe of mostly thrifted items and many were blue. Loved her posts!

What Jules said

Also, I unsurprisingly tried on that tiger blouse too, but the style is too straight for my body. A petite size might have helped but they don't offer it *sob*

I adore those multi-blue sandals. With a lower heel, I'd be all over them. They look more like Campers than Earth shoes -- wow! Can't go wrong with blue, I say.

I've been finding some nice fuchsias and raspberries this year too, much like those in your gear capsule. I love the way those shades look with navy.

I've only added one blue item this year, the heathered sweater from Everlane. Magical colour that goes with everything -- like chambray in knitwear form.

Lovely sweater, LaPed. I'm off to check off your fucshia finds. I could use some of that.

Wow to the power of WOW !!