I'm having a hard time finding earrings that suit me. After a period of not wearing any at all, I'm getting into them again, but always feel that except for small stud earrings, nothing else really looks good.

As soon as I try something a bit bigger, or even a dainty dangling style (which I love on other people), it doesn't seem to fit. They all look a bit exaggerated or unnatural and out of proportion (and it's not as if I have a disproportionally small head;-).
Could it be that I just need to get used to this new look for me? (I do get the impression that people with longer hair can carry off a broader variety of earrings)

So, any tips on styles (and colours and materials too) are more than welcome. I like a modern and clean, classy look, nothing too baroque or flashy, but I do have a vintage-esque streak.
Oh yes, as far as metals are concerned: I tend to look best in silver and white gold, yellow gold is not flattering on me (which I don't mind, I prefer cool colours anyway).

As most of you know, I have a short pixie cut and a squarish/rectangular face with good cheekbones, hazel eyes and pale skin. Newcomers (a warm welcome from me by the way) who haven't seen my picture in the Who's Who thread, this is me: