Jenni - I share the same concern: the more you wear one thing, the less you wear something else. Splitting wears is on my mind, as is having a bloated (for me) closet.

This is such an interesting thread! I like Rachy's guidance of stopping at two. For these jeans I don't know if I would duplicate unless I could get a different wash ... As I don't wash jeans very often. But this depends on your usual laundry cycle. I like the suggestion you got to test drive these for a while first. But I don't think two pairs of a great fitting jean is excessive.

For myself, I think I tend to dupe too much ... Even my BR magic sweater, I got three and tend to wear only two. I think one alternate of a perfect piece is my magic number!

Go for it! But I suggest you alternate them regularly, so they won't start to look different, if you know what I mean. I have no IDENTICAL duplicates in my closet, but I do have a pair of boots in two different colors because I had the same experience with them as you describe here. And five years ago I bought a pair of Talbot's velvet jeans in 4 colors, because they were just that good (and they were on sale). And I just bought another TWO pairs of Loft cords because they were marked down to $10!! So yeah, color me a duplicator.