Love the gold pumps with the pantsuit. #3 is my favourite. I have used body glide with great success for short periods. Knee highs also help.

Hope you can make the shoes work. #3 is my favorite! DH just have to love this. Very sophisticated.

My jaw hit the floor because this jumpsuit is stunning on you! My personal fave is #4

Such a beautiful outfit and lovely with the necklaces (3 and 4 are both gorgeous). I totally empathise about the shoes. I also find dressy sandals a bit more comfortable than really dressy shoes. The gold does look stunning with your jumpsuit.

SF - good idea about knee highs. I’ll see how that looks and feels with.

Harmonica - hopefully he likes it too. I’m looking forward to the reveal.

Thanks Cindy. I think 4 is nice too. The necklace is a lot lighter ( and needs less adjusting)

Bijou - thanks. I think sandals are more comfy cause they let my toes spread out more.

#3 then #2 are my favorites. Shoes are bought. We have JFE (Just Flattering Enough) but I admit to having JCE (Just Comfortable Enough) shoes in my closet. But a s you say, they need to pass a certain threshold of pretty comfortable, just maybe not to walk 2 miles.

Necklace in 3 or 5. Both seem to me to echo the shoe points. I really like the gold Old Navy booties too, though. Franco Sartos are so amazing looking, if not comfy enough you may not wear much which is a shame...