Reemerging now after about 2 years mostly WFH, and I have discovered that many of my favorite pieces are worn out or don't fit.

What I could get away with on Zoom calls I can no longer get away with in the office. In particular, I've had to cull for tight shoulders in tops and blazers, baggy waists in almost all my bottoms, and subtle stains that don't do in person. And I find that I've gone from more of a pear shape (often a 4 on top and 8 on bottom) to more of an hour glass (6 up and down). Not the fall I was expecting!

Some of the pieces I've had to pass on to recycling are my often-worn Breton tops: all are either too tight, too bagged out, or too worn-looking!

Calling my fellow stripes fans: any Breton tops that you would recommend, especially ones that are mid- or light-weight? I know heavy-weight is traditional, and I may look for that later in the season, but it's still warm here in New England, and I'm looking for something I can wear immediately. 3/4 sleeves are a big plus for my relatively short arms!

I know many here WFH regularly, have uniforms at work, or are retired, but for those who are back in person, how are others faring this season?