My grandfather, who lived in Nebraska used to tell about a friend who had a brother living in Alaska. One year he came south to spend the winter in Nebraska. He had to return to Alaska after a month or so to warm up, claiming the cold was different and worse in Nebraska.
I'm so happy for you. Your new coat looks warm yet streamlined. I like that it is not black and has white "fur" for brightening.

Great idea, Carla!! Yes!!

Gaylene, I completely agree on both counts. Because I'm moving, I don't get as cold. I will wear this coat mainly for walks; I wouldn't wear it skating or cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. But it's not really warm enough for standing still in these temps. I stood to get gas tonight for 5 minutes in the wonder coat and between the fumes and the windchill I thought I was in some ring of Dante's hell. And I met a man in Vancouver who came from Winnipeg. His family gave him the side-eye whenever he complained of Vancouver cold but he and I agreed that the damp could be more punishing than the temperature on its own.

Thanks, Jazzy Dance! And Joy!

Suz - that is such a score!! It looks great on you - I can't believe something that warm is so good looking. I live in the California mountains near Lake Tahoe, and I never would have become a winter sport enthusiast if I had temps like yours.

Gaylene is so right about activity! I can cross country ski in minimal clothing, but when I am standing around timing a race, I have to go full Arctic - layers upon layers, hat+hood, mittens instead of gloves. Last year I got this amazing piece of gear from Patagonia (or Patagucci as my household refers to it) - I call it the "Nothing Can Kill Me" Park. But I would probably still stay inside at -20 F.

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Wow! It’s much colder a few hours north! Our temp is more like -12. Still awful right! Your new coat looks great. I am amazed you were outside taking pics without a Balaclava! It would look like you were wearing a super hero mask!

I am shivering just reading those temperatures but you look fantastic in your new parka and big sunnies. I am duly impressed!

Yes, it looks great!

You look smashing in it an I'm tickled that the coat was made in Canada, too. Well done, you!

You look very nice in that is streamlined and fits you well. I love the fur!

I have an ankle-length puffer, and I find it exhausting just to get it on and off. It weighs so much... I would love one in a more manageable size. But I do find coats hard to fit in general. I just keep looking!

We have highs of -4 and -5 degrees F projected for this weekend. Fun.

That’s interesting, Gaylene. The other place that always gets me sick is our Northern California beaches... cold and wet...

Beautiful coat Suz and you look amazing in it. The dampness makes such a difference to how cold it feels. Montreal is very damp. It feels much colder there than here at the same temp. But it is extremely cold here. The last few days have had temps of -35 C at times. And the hydro has gone off! Fortunately, it came back on where we live very quickly.

I admire you for even going on a walk in those temps, Suz (I would need VERY strong motivation;-)
Your new coat is stunning! Perfect fit, fabulous colour, and it has already proven it will go the distance. What a find!

Inge, thank you! I am delighted with it. Worth the wait.

Style Fan, your hydro went off???????? OOOOOOOH. Now that is beyond bad. I am so sorry for people in that situation. It is so very cold. But yes, we have the same damp as Montreal here, plus wind (more than Montreal quite often) and the cold temperatures (although usually not as cold for as long).

Rachy, yes, I can imagine -- you don't expect it to be cold in California but it can get awfully bone chilling just the same!

Gigi, puffers are so hard to fit for the petite. I'm not even in that category officially and find many of them too bulky/ loose/ something.

Mac, Anne, Shevia, Staysfit -- thank you! And Gail, yes, those Patagucci down sweaters are the best. Up here we wear them as underlayers.

Brr.. I'm cold just reading about these temps. As always, you have made a very thoughtful purchase. This puffer looks great on you - wear it well and keep warm!

What a great-looking coat. It’s so easy to think that extreme cold requires ugly gear, but you look great. I’m sure it will matter to you more and more as winter goes on and on.
This may sound a little silly, but -20 F temperatures make me a little sentimental, because of a story my dad tells about my parents’ honeymoon. They wed in Madison, Wisconsin, on Dec 29. My mother was so excited, she forgot her coat. They figured something out and went off to NYC for their honeymoon. Dad says they couldn’t figure out where everybody was—the streets were nearly empty. The temperature was 40 degrees warmer than where they had just come from. Eventually it dawned on them that these people thought 20 degrees (positive! Fahrenheit) was cold. At this point, he gets a wicked little grin. And that’s what I think of whenever I hear “-20 F”.

Oh my gosh, those temperatures! So thrilled that you found your coat, Suz. It couldn't be more perfect. Love the color for you. Yay!!!

What a fabulous coat! Perfect blend of form and function.

Very late to this thread. Don’t know how I missed it?

GOOD GRIEF. I can’t get my head around those temperatures. Come on over to the West Coast!

Suz, your new puffer is absolutely KILLER. I love the way it fits, and the faux fur is sooo pretty. You soooo needed this coat, and I’m thrilled you got it.

Loving the pom-pom hat and sunnies too. You look Arctic Chic.

OMG, that's true "hiver" indeed!(loved Gaylene's quote), ande your parka is an absolute winner, loved the last 2 picties!:-)

Yes, I completely understand the feeling of parka-elation! Nothing better than a warm coat that fits well. The hood on yours is remarkable -- finding a snug-fitting hood is always a challenge. And this one looks incredible too.

We've been down to -20F a couple times this past week. "Brutal" as the weather forecast put it. My friends who live at slightly higher elevation had a reading of -25F (close to -32C). On the bright side, the sunny blue skies on these cold days are incomparable.

Great coat and it sounds totally needed in your wardrobe. I can't even imagine those temps and wouldn't have the faintest idea how to dress for that kind of cold.

Oh, that is a beautiful parka! You look so happy in it, I'm very glad you found it!

Lisa P, Suz, and you other cold-weather gals, I would love to see posts about your capsules. The BF is from Ontario, and we end up there at least every other winter, usually for a 10-day visit. I haven't yet experienced those negative temps, but I'd love some ideas. I've been gradually working on a small very-cold-weather capsule.

Wow, Suz! That is a gorgeous non-puffy puffer. Warm, sleek and cozy for your crazy temperatures (which are soon to be the case here, too). That will make a big difference in your happiness quotient. Well worth the wait.
I finally found my navy puffer equivalent last winter after two years of trial and error. Very fortunate to have it this year, with our record cold snap. (Took the fur off because I didn't care for the color, though. Love the fur on yours. )