Wow - you have lots of great options here. I like #3 for the party but if you know what color, style your dad likes, wear it.

Happy Birthday Papa Sharan. LOVE Outfit #1 for that occasion - but with a WRAP, not a poncho. You look KILLER STUNNING in the blue dress too.

Keep the fun striped frock. Fun over black pants too.

Some really great options and what a wonderful celebration for you and your family! I like #1 and the blue dress both. I agree with Angie that #1 looks especially nice for this occasion. Have fun.

Joy, chewyspaghetti, Jeanie, and Bijou, thanks for weighing in! And thanks for your comment on the boots, Bijou.

Rachylou, good point--I feel the voile dress is very ladylike. And you made me laugh with your comment about the striped dress and short cardi! (And another good point.)

Bella, thanks for your thoughts. I know what you mean about the striped dress--it occurred to me that I could make it, and make it with sleeves, a little longer, etc., though I wouldn't have that fabric with those colors. But I think it's more for my fantasy life, where I'd have more occasion to wear even casual dresses like this one. Thanks for your sweet compliment on my hair.

Mirjana, thank you for your thoughts!

Kookaburra, I see what you mean about the teal dress, compared to the wine voile one. Gallery opening, yes. The striped one does have a strange line to it--a result of the swing shape and horizontal striped fabric, I think.

Thanks, StyleFan! I'm glad you like the booties, too. They are so comfy.

Summer, thanks for your thoughts and your compliment on my WIW.

Lyn67, I appreciate your comments on the footwear, and I understand about the striped dress, too. I like it least on its own without a topper.

Jenni NZ, I would totally wear the striped dress with leggings; I have some slightly cropped ones in denim that would be great with it. Not sure it's worth keeping for that purpose. I appreciate your encouragement about the booties, too--thanks!

Staysfit, you are so kind and thoughtful--thank you!

Chris, you are so right about the different responses. Your reaction to the striped dress was how I felt in the dressing room. I'm less enthusiastic now that I've seen it at home and in photos. I do think a swing style is terribly hard to capture in photos.

Smittie, thanks for your comments on all points. I really appreciate your thinking.

Anchie, thank you for weighing in. The stripes have kind of an odd look in this style, I agree.

Robinf, thanks for your thoughts and your compliment on my WIW.

Bonnie, good thought--what would Dad like best??

Angie, thank you! I have a cream wrap I could use, if I go with the first dress.

Thanks, Texstyle! I know it will be a fun party. I haven't seen my cousins in ages.

Bring BOTH frock outfits, and see how you feel on the day.

I haven't read other comments - except Angie's directly above.
I completely agree with her about bringing both dresses - you can default to whichever one is best for the weather and your mood that day. They are both so lovely! I do especially like the wrap sandals with the burgundy dress.
I like the stripe dress on it's own and with the long cardigans. Especially the olive one - as I'm sure you know, olive is such a great color on you! Not as fond of it with the short sweaters. Those red platform sandals are super-cute.
Your outfit from today was terrific!
Many happy returns to your dad. How wonderful that so many of you are able to gather to celebrate him.

Ryce, thank you for your detailed comments and preferences. I've been thinking about whether to keep the ankle-wrap sandals, and I'm glad to hear you like them with the wine dress. I like how they look there, too. Not sure it will be warm enough for sandals, but one can hope! I'll bring options, as Angie and you suggest. I know my dad is excited about the event, and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to getting together for it.