I enjoyed Angie's post this morning. It is the thought process that supports decision making that interests me the most. I can, and do, learn a lot from other Forum Member's decision making. I very often put into practice what I learn here.

Although I loved reading Angie's post this morning, dresses do not interest me a great deal. They just are not part of my style journey at this phase in my career. Then I remembered that I had been looking at this WHBM dress quite a bit over the course of the past week. I have not bought it because I don't know my size and I have a sort of shopping "exhaustion" from my pant search in February.

However, this dress really intrigues me. I love the fact that it is reversible. I would likely wear the navy side of the dress 95 percent of the time. Angie's post this morning made me commit to stopping by the store this evening after work to try it on. If it fits and is still on sale, this will be the first dress I have purchased in a decade that is not part of a special event capsule (e.g., wedding guest, funeral).