Love you in both and the red color is especially striking! Hurray for new dresses!

They're both great, but like others, I have a slight preference for the second one. I think you could get away with wearing it with flats, too, but you know your own comfort level and flattery priorities best!

Sweet sister! These are both gorgeous. My fav is the red.

I love how it's about an equal split between those who prefer the red and those who prefer the stripe! Nice!

I wore the red one tonight, because Team Wear! It was super comfy and perfect for a casual supper with friends.

Thanks for all your kind words. I feel good about getting them at a decent price and now I can retire my sub-standard ones.

Not reading the prior comments, but you look great and so happy in both dresses.

LOVE the stripe!

PLEASE keep the stripe! It does not look office-y at all. And I love the extra length. I would not hem.

I really like them both! And the red sandals. For summer heat I love the striped but the red print will take you into fall and cooler weather and will be fun to style with jackets and boots later. Great picks!

I don’t think you should have to go through the trouble of returning as these look like keepers to me. They look fab on you.

Both look great. I have the Free People one and I find it super comfy to wear.

Love both. My favourite is the striped.

You look gorgeous in both! Definitely both keepers, but I also have a slight preference for the stripes. I think the stripes would look fab with white flats, too.

Also - I had to laugh at the varieties of weather. I live in sub tropical Australia - we would get to 16 degrees celsius once a year and everyone would be horrified at how 'freezing' it is - out in puffer jackets and beanies lol. Definitely not summer!

Another vote for keeping both! They both look great on you!

Wowza!!! 2x slam dunks! Please keep!!!

The stripe dress is fabulous! Looks cool, crisp, and summery. The red dress is a totally different look but red is obviously your color and it seems like it would be useful far longer than the stripe. So, definitely a vote for both.

You look so cute in both dresses, I vote keep both!

I like them both. Very different but equally gorgeous. And length is fine, no need to shorten. Every time I see this Free People dress here on the forum, I start checking if it is available her- but - it is not.

Suz, these are both beautiful on you! I love the red sandals with both of them.

Like the stripe dress on you waaaay better than on the model.

Both of these dresses look like they were made for you. You look fiercely fab! So happy for you, that you found two great dresses!