Thanks everyone!

DH will be thrilled to be referred to as a leather professional.

Caro, I’m glad you are ok. Good news from Melbourne today too. I’m really happy for them.

Delurked, I’m not too worried about the noise because DH struggled to hear it. I think it may be a combination of the fact that the shoes are heavy, the soles are rubber, our floors are extremely hard and I have a big foot. No noise on carpet. Hopefully it will be ok outdoors. I don’t plan to wear them indoors - except to break them in. Maybe.

Greycat6, how annoying! Did you try an inner sole? I think here it’s actually the outer sole not the inner sole making the noise.

Echo, I agree. My older Docs are extremely comfortable. And durable.

But the jury’s still out. I don’t like pain I’ll try them a couple more times over the weekend, then decide.

I’ll report back!

I'm late to weigh in here, but I like the sandals on you. I'm sensitive to the large feet issue as well, and I usually avoid wearing substantial/platform shoes with anything too delicate on top, as it makes me feel like the look is all big clompy feet.