Firecracker thanks for the feedback. I do have a square face (after much analyzing). I am very flattered that you see my shoulders as square! I always see them as wimpy but that might be because I am weaker in my shoulders. (I have had a lot of injuries such as MVA that have resulted in problems).

I would prefer to be a Natural over a Classic so I will look back at the definitions and post again.


Stylefan, DC can actually contain N. (So can FG.) I would try both DC and FN and see what works best.

I have read through all the threads and am trying to understand Kibbe. (Scratches head a lot). Thanks psychedelicate for your great posts and your feedback about DC and FN. I will try that.

I will do the quiz again with the help of DH who has a good eye.

Okay I took the quiz again with help of DH. We did not agree on a few answers. He thinks my eyes are bigger than normal. They are not. I wish they were. All my facial features are C. My answers are almost all C. All moderate C. Here is the breakdown:

C - 13

D - 1 (Hipline)

A or C - 2 (jaw and hair could be either)

B or C - 1 (vertical line)

Here is my profile picture. I may be scoring wrong.

Open to feedback.

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How tall are you stylefan? I think Ns are taller than Cs.

Height matters less than perception of height. It won't make or break C or N. C won't likely be extremely tall or short, because it is moderate in all things.

I would say don't concentrate on the quiz very much, especially because what Kibbe means by certain things is not easy to figure out and there are no pictures. I would think more about whether you need streamlined simplicity or curves or movement or whatever.

Okay I now understand why I am confused. It is hard to figure out what Kibbe means.

To answer Rachylou's question I am 5'7" or 5'7.5". Depends on the time of day. I do lots of Yoga so I am pretty stretched out. (People apparently get taller when they do Yoga or Pilates daily after a few years)

I am thinking about whether I need streamlined simplicity or curves or movement or whatever. I looked back at a picture of me in a more complicated outfit than I usually wear. (Curves and Movement). DH hated the outfit. I hate ruffles and frills on me. I like a more structured top. I prefer I unstructured bottom.

My favourite outfit is structured jacket (stops at waist), preferably something high end with BF jeans.

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm only 5'2" tall, but I'm a SN. No one has ever said I'm short, so I don't think that's the first thing people notice about me. I have broad shoulders, a medium frame and a neat hourglass figure, which I think might be more noticeable than my height. I don't have a slight build.

What do you think of these dresses?

That is interesting about the unstructured bottom. The closest thing to that in Kibbe is probably FG, since we do a combination of opposites. Do you have a picture of what this looks like?

bettycrocker, I looked at the dresses and struggled to find one for me. But I rarely wear dresses. I have one dress. I will try to post picture if I can figure out how. That dress looks good on me on is a G dress. Very structured on top and a bubble skirt.

psychedelicate, here are 2 outfits with a structure jacket and a flowing bottom. I have realized that the bottom has to have some stiffness to work for me. The outfit with the skirt needs work. I think I will do it the way Angie suggested on Friday.

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Interesting. I will really have to sit and think of a Kibbe type who does it this way...

Style Fan, just chiming in to say that you look like a Natural to me. Nobody wears a denim jacket like a Natural! If I were you, I'd forget about dresses entirely. For dressy occasions, just wear luxe (high-waisted) pants & tops/jackets. For skirts, you could try longer A-lline ones with tall boots. And speaking of boots, I hope you have cowboy boots--I'll bet you look great in them!

tulle your comment about denim jackets was music to my ears. And of course I have cowboy boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have worn cowboy boots since I was in my twenties. I am in Florida for 2 months and I am regretting not bringing my beloved Fryes with me.

I usually do wear a luxe skirt and top for weddings etc. Rarely ever wear dresses. There is one in my closet.

I have been going through this thread as well as studying all of the links and taking the quiz - and I'm really confused! My responses to the quiz questions added up to:
A - 5 or 6
B - 2 or 3
C - 7 or 8
D - 0
E - 1

So that would indicate that I lean toward a Dramatic Classic. But when I break down the various categories I come out like this:
Bone Structure - moderate - C's
Body Type (Flesh) - yang - A's
Facial Bones - primarily moderate - C's
Facial Features - primarily moderate - C's
I'm not sure if that fits with a Dramatic Classic or not.

What throws me off is the explanation of the quiz results. It says that to be a Dramatic Classic that your Body Type (flesh) and Facial Features should be balanced between the extremes of Yin and Yang - and I don't really know what that means? My best guess is that they should fall into the C category - which my Facial Features do, but not my Body Type (flesh.) How do you reconcile what category to go with when you don't quite fit into any of them?

Oh, one more thing! What is the difference between sinewy and muscular? I've always thought of them as being the same thing - how do you differentiate between the two?

Marley, based on no expertise at all, and terrible self-diagnosis skills, could you be a soft dramatic? Sinewy sounds to me like striated as opposed to rounded muscles. Again, I am making this up!

You can have your yin/yang balance show up in different ways in different areas.

For instance, I'm FG. My face is a mix of soft yin and sharp yang, favoring yang. My body has yin length all over, with mainly N blunt yang showing up in its appearance/shape. These are all elements found in FG, and taken as a whole, it all adds up to FG.

So if you have a classic face and bone structure and then dramatic flesh, I can see DC working. You would need more E answers for SD and there is nothing Classic about it.

psychedelicate, thanks for introducing us to Kitchener; I hadn't heard of him. Have you found that, like Kibbe, he is subject to internet misunderstandings by his followers? Googling, I got directed to a Pinterest board illustrating some of his Angelic/Ethereal celebrity types. One of them was Donald Sutherland! Not exactly what I expected ... but I guess I can see it ... he does look sort of otherworldly.

Oops ... posted to wrong Kibbe thread. Wrong rabbit hole!

I'm looking at this graph again and realizing that it represents the way I dress. Soft Natural (SN) overlaps Soft Classic (SC), Natural (N), and a very tiny bit with True Romantic (TR). This is very revealing to me, as my wardrobe contains elements of all of these styles. I guess the trick is to know how much of each should be in my outfits. Obviously, the very small about of TR means my clothing should just have touches of that style. Interesting!

Gauche, Kitchener's system isn't DIY at all--he's never written a book or anything--so I think the Pinterest stuff isn't as bad as it with Kibbe. He is also very accessible. When there was a Kibbe Men's group on Facebook, he would participate in that, so maybe he mentioned D. Sutherland had SOME Angelic. Usually, people have a mix of essences.

The pinner thought Sutherland was Angelic except when he had curly hair that "made him look insipid and empty headed. ... He is otherwise Angelic in face and body." Made me laugh!

Okay now I am going to research Kitchener. I am curious.