I now checked in the links you have given and both jackets have normal (turned down) lapels but you wear them both turned up in nr 1&5(and so, the fit is off)- think the kid has taken the pictie before you adjusted them down:-(- but then we have to give our opinion on what we can see-, so maybe that's why others think the jackets don't fit?

I think Angie has given great advice. There are no bad outfits here at all, but I do think the first skirt in the blue pattern will work beautifully with the jackets you have. I also love the dark navy sheath dress, it is a beautiful fit.

Best of luck with the job search.

My favorite is the first printed skirt. Fits really nicely and in the blue colour i think it will really suit you. I prefer it with the shorter blazers in the later photos. The grey blazer would work better with slim trousers or a pencil skirt. The white top feels a bit off with the red/purple skirt, but with the blue skirt it might look better. Not sold on the dark blazers over the shorter dress -- a little overwhelming perhaps? Too dark? The shoes look great, btw. Will you be adding hose? Maybe sheer black and navy?