One thing I'm realizing is that I struggle with wanting the perfect "_________" - the perfect jeans, boots, coat, whatever. Yet I also know there is no one item that can fill a whole category. Thus the perfect boots become "the perfect high shaft narrow ankle 2.5" heel black booties" but also "the perfect OTK suede flat boots" and so on.

Still, I do have some items I consider absolutely perfect for me through time and trends. These go beyond classics or workhorses because they are so integral and harmonious to my style persona that they rise above limits somehow. In other words, they are timeless for me.

My new specs (courtesy of Market Optical in Seattle and help from Seattle Fabbers) are 100% me, as are the Gidigio boots, the Topshop patent booties and my suede OTK boots. I think the new Burberry will be too, but it's too soon to know since I haven't seen it through a season.

It's telling that most of these items are not clothing and that they will continue to fit no matter what size or shape I'm in! That tells me where I need to put more of my dollars in the future, and also makes me ponder what it is about these particular items that makes them consistent. I am certain they are all things I would have loved 20 years ago.

Do you own anything that falls into this category for you?