No I don't have names for things. But I remember when a friend wanted to lend us a tent I asked him what was the name of the tent. He couldn't stop laughing. He just bought it at a supermarket, while I was doing serious research to buy one and they all had names. Our tent is named Staiga.

No, but my fuzzy white coat is screaming for a name. I just haven't come up with one yet. I'm terrible at naming things and it usually takes weeks to settle on a name for a new pet.

Usually not. But I once had a gorgeous jacket which I wore first time when I met a certain head of state. After that, I as well as my colleagues and friends often referred to that jacket by using his name.

Y’all are cracking me up.

It’s hard enough to settle on names for our pets (the poor ranch kitty is still sort of semi nameless — Jamie has tried a couple of names for him, but still keeps calling him “my little friend”). I can’t imagine naming any of our stuff! ;-D

Not really with clothes, though often described by a name especially in my lists- their brand or where they were bought. Today I have put on temporarily my oldest T-shirt, Mamma Mia. It is still good from purchasing after the show in 2004! I also have the Fiji blue/pink, the Cairns red, and the Bali cobalt.
My best car name was my first. She was a Riley Elf, and I was a mad Tolkien fan even then at age 21. So she was Luthien Tinuviel Elf, Luth for short. Her number plate was EW 718 which stood for Elf Woman. She was green.

Adriana, very funny!

The closest any of my clothes have come to having a name is when someone looked at my very fuzzy, very red long cardi and said "you killed Elmo". I was never comfortable wearing it after that!

I've never named a car, but know the name for the first one my parents had together: The Grey Ghost. Its headlights (early 60s tech) dimmed when light from another car was detected. Unfortunately, where they lived, in Michigan, the ground was covered with snow for at least half the year. Light reflecting from the snow would cause the car's lights to dim. Then there would be less light reflecting, so they'd come back on, reflect on the snow.... flickering on and off, like a ghost.

Some of these names reminds me of cards from the game Munchkin, which include

  • Boots of Butt-Kicking
  • Boots of Running Really Fast
  • Buckler of Swashing
  • Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment
  • Cheese Grater of Peace
  • Cloak of Obscurity
  • Cotion of Ponfusion
  • Helm of Courage
  • Kneepads of Allure†
  • Pantyhose of Giant Strength
  • Pointy Hat of Power
  • Rat on a Stick
  • Really Impressive Title
  • Sandals of Protection
  • Tuba of Charm
  • Wand of Dowsing

Sara L, you could call your fuzzy white coat Bijou? Or Margot as a second choice, after our Bijou's dogs?

I'd go with Plains American native inspired names like " Pants That Sag ", " Too Tight Shirt ", " Shoes Which Hurt Toes " or " Cowlneck That Strikes With A Fist. "

LOL Cee, might have known you'd get the hated cowl neck in there somewhere!

Well, it's usually " Strikes Head With Heavy Fry Pan " but it lost it's kitchen utility privileges after the 5th concussion.

I really like the other posters' item names too

You kids are highly amusing !

Joyce B, I think that is what I mostly do, too.... I am having so much fun reading the posts, that I might have to become more creative.
Angie, as well you should! Pets (wardrobe included) bring us so much joy!
Anchie, Louis (Vuitton) is a scarf and David (Yurman) a pair of earrings.
Ms. Mary, your husband is a wise man. Love the name for your Burberry!
Runcarla, I love it and am laughing so hard... great name!
Suntiger....I want to create a capsule of hygge wear! Cute car names!
Mary, it turns out that’s how my daughter was trying to identify the pieces she borrowed. I bet she enjoyed tossing a puzzle my way.
LOL Adriana!
Sara L, please do name your coat and share the name with us!
The Cat...I’m thinking that coat was worthy of a special name!
Jenni, the name of your car!
Fashintern, great list!
Cee..... you crack me up! I knew I could count on you!

Wait a second.....”cabin pants”....maybe I name clothing and don’t notice....I need to pay better attention.

Carry, on, fab res. Carry on.

Ok Cee, how about "slides down bum without belt pants", "painfully flowerpotting boots" and "too long for coat cardigan"!

I've never named my clothes, but did bestow the name Harry on my father's massive red Ford Galaxy, which I got to drive my last year in high school and take to college. I think he figured if I was going to be on the road, I might as well be driving something built like a tank. I adored Harry. We could pack so many bodies and luggage in that car, it was amazing. Harry did not have power steering and I can still feel the strength it took to haul on the steering wheel hand-over-hand to turn. You really had to calculate just the right moment to start your turn before your turn came up or you'd overshoot your mark. Harry lasted for 25 years before my mother gave him to the fellow who helped her with her yard work for many years. He loved Harry too. I like to think that Harry, a monument to Detroit steel, is still out there on the road.

Curiously enough, I do have several friends who have named their boobs, separate names for each. I'm fondest of Burt and Ernie, the names, not the boobs, owner to remain anonymous.

Janet, I love the name My Little Friend for ranch kitty. Go with that. My friend Kay's beloved kitty was known only as Kitten for all of her 19 years, my grandmother's cat was called Mama Kitty, and another friend's cat was known only as Mom. Mom's behavior landed her owner with some questions from a policeman when Mom ran out of the house and under a car, and the cop came across Paul on his stomach on the sidewalk pleading with 'Mom' to come out from under the car.

Mainelady, you asked: “Do your cars have male, female or gender neutral names?”
It depends on the car. Mine is Miss Priss - in case of a house with a one car garage, she gets the garage. Of course. My husband’s current car is Augustus Black - we call him Gusto for short. His predecessor was named Gray but he got totaled because of a really bad hailstorm - we still miss him. (All three are Huyndai Elantra, just different years and trim/styles.)

What a fun thread you started! I’m enjoying everyone else’s stories about car names.

I admit to having some clothes I call "My Angie.. X"

Examples: my red AT coat recently shared on WIW. That's totally "My Angie Coat." White Naturalizer Blair booties... are totally "My Angie booties"...

Our car is just called "that necessary POS"... because we hate our car. It's been such a lemon. We don't drive much at all though. Up to 6000 miles in 11 years. There's more sand and scratches on our car, than miles!

@Jenni and SaraL - my Westie's would be very honoured to have a coat named after them! Photo of Bijou and Margot.

And Shiny - I do that too! I always think of Angie when I wear my white boots, my JCrew tweed jacket and Boden blazers that are the same as hers

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Oh Kate! Naming boobs has to be the funniest thing I have heard.
Alexandra, fun car names.....sorry about he demise of Gray....dreaded hail.
Shiny, I like the nods to Angie inspired. Oh dear POS. Yeah....I suspect others have named something a POS at some point in their lives.

Fun thread!

No named wardrobe items here, but I do name my cars. My current one, a white one which I absolutely love, is Aurora (full name Aurora Borealis)!

Fun name, Windchime!

OK, Suntiger... " Slides down bum without belt pants " sounds like a really disturbing porno title.

...I love it !

I had a pair of lower waist chinos with a straight leg that I used to call my "half-a** pants". They did not stay up well on my rounded bottom. Sometimes I give things nicknames but I have not done this for a long time. I like the stories above though and may have to do it again... for fun.