April, that made my evening. Most entertainment I've had in a week. Thank you. (And poor Mr. A.)

Suz, I know -- the dear man, can you imagine? Those Wolford boutiques are the sorts of terrifying jewelboxes that have four or five things on display. It takes courage even to set foot in one.

Really, how could I not marry him after he'd endured that for me?

Chris987: Sorry, will stop hijacking your thread now...

April, I can't stop chuckling.

I might actually buy a diamond ring for someone who bought me tights from Wolford...

Chris, 987, I don't intend to hijack your thread, but nudge it sideways; thanks.

I'm looking for ski socks with a generous calf. My ski boots are designed and fitted for ultra thin socks ("Just wear the knee-highs you wear to work," said the fitter), not for wool knee-highs with ski-specific padding. They also have a polarfleece-type lining, so synthetic socks are awfully sweaty and make my feet slip around. Has anybody seen knee-high liner socks in silk or wool? My experience with Wolford hosiery is that the brand runs longer rather than wider: might their socks fit, Staysfit?

Chris, I have the same problem. I even have a little footstool-foot warmer under my desk at work (love it!) to warm up and dry off my damp feet. I have tried some socks from TJ Maxx that were part alpaca, maybe 40%? and they were better but not perfect. I'm thinking the % makes a big difference. I also have some Darn Tough and they seem pretty warm but not soft so I don't wear them often. I'm glad you asked the question, I'll be looking at some of these suggestions also.

April, love that story! I can totally picture a poor man in a store like that.