As an introvert who dislikes attention, “safe” clothing is anything that won’t draw attention! So it would depend on the situation and even my mood. There are some times I want attention, and then I might take a “risk” — for ME.

Seems safe has a lot of interpretations.

Aquamarine - I think this is a good observation. My friend is an introvert who doesn’t like the spotlight on her.

Aquamarine, you described my own feelings about safe much better than I did ... Agree 100% with your definition!

The first time I felt "safe" because of a garment was back in my early days on YLF, when we were all pairing leggings with dresses. I had never realized how cautious I was when, for example, entering or leaving a car, until the leggings provided extra coverage.

If it’s safe vs. risky, all of my clothing is safe.

Secure might be a better word for me rather than safe but yes I totally get this although I find it hard to put onto words.

I often choose my outfits based on how I feel. Some days I need an outfit that acts as armour, other days maybe an outfit that reveals vulnerability xxx

Yes, I do. But like Deborah said, secure might be the better word. It’s a feeling I have when I wear things that a) are so comfortable I forget wearing them b) feel like me c) that I know suit me d) make me feel the way I want to feel that day.

Safe is several things to me:

Brights for visibility- for biking or hiking during hunting season

Quiet/covered things- to avoid attracting unwanted attention from picky bosses and creepy men

Physical safety-biking helmet, arm/finger guard for archery

Weatherproof (inc modesty) things- warm coat, snowboots, dark colors on rainy days, fitted/long skirts on windy days

Things that aren't otherwise revealing- tops that stay put, skirts that don't ride up

So interesting to hear the many ways people interpret the word “safe”! Astrid’s idea of fuss-free is probably closest to how I’d understand it—something that lets me be me and get on with my life. I have the opposite feeling about accidental crotch shots from April. I try to avoid them too, of course—swing legs to the side together before stepping out—but if I do that by mistake, I think of it as an offense to the person who saw it, not as a danger to myself. I think I generally feel safe most of the time, so it isn’t something I usually think about.