everyone looks bigger with their clothes on. it's not just in your head.

I do too, Julie, and I can never really put my finger on the reasons why. Except for one thing: since I've gone up one bra size (from B to C-cup), I do feel that plays a role in the overall look (clothes just drape differently) too, but I'm sure that's not the only factor. I'm looking forward to your post about this Angie.

Interesting topic for sure. I feel much smaller when dressed.

Yes, because I have big boobs and it's hard for me to emphasize my waist with most tops. I feel weird in belts too, because I'm shortwaisted and have big boobs, so it makes everything look funny. And if the top is wide all over it seems like I have a belly when I don't. But oh well.

This is an interesting question for sure, along with the speculation about drape and fit. I hadn't thought about it till now, but I feel smaller when dressed. I am looking forward to Angie's post now.

I feel smaller when dressed. Undressed there are waaay too many imperfections. Proper clothes hide a lot.

Scarlet - yes, I think drape and fit are key.

* close-fitting (too tight!) clothes that show or create lumps and bumps = boy, do I feel huge!
* close-fitting clothes that skim my curves = do not feel bigger
* close-fitting clothes that actually reduce my measurements (i.e. Spanx) = do not feel bigger

* loose fitting clothes that drape beautifully = do not feel bigger
* loose fitting clothes that add bulk in places or proportions I feel are not balanced = feel big (i.e. a skirt with a lot of extra fabric around the hips)
* bulky clothes (sweaters, in particular) with no drape = can feel bigger...bulky knits need to have some drape, imo

But I'm just on my first cup of coffee, so I'll stop now!

I'm so glad someone brought this up! I am always surprised when I see myself in the mirror wearing only my underwear, because my waist seems so much more defined than I'm used to compared with my clothes on!
I guess this is a body type issue- I too am a short-waisted, IT/rectangular. I know I have a pretty straight figure but without clothes it doesn't seem that straight anymore.

Come to think of it - for me the issue isn't necessarily feeling "bigger" in my clothes but "straighter" and less defined, which perhaps to some extent equals feeling bulkier and bigger.

I feel bigger when I am uncomfortably dressed and smaller when comfortable. If the fit is just a bit "off" or if the fabric is too stiff I feel like I'm in the wrong in skin. Well fitting clothes that skim and move easily with my body without binding make me feel more flexible and trim. I have found that I look bigger to myself when uncomfortable, which is a strange phenomenon.

I usually feel smaller when dressed. I think it has to do with camflouging my thighs. I have a somewhat smaller upper body so I think I look more balanced when the hips and thighs are under wraps. Oh, and heels help the bottom half look longer and leaner as well.

I feel bigger when dressed. Far too often fabric pulls at my biggest areas, something I do not have to worry about when naked. But I also feel tallest when dressed. Shoes can add height and elongate the legline, two things I will not have bare foot.

I am the same as you ... on the cusp of rectangular and hourglass. I am also pretty slim/lithe. When I put clothes on I feel bigger than I am ..but I like it. Because a lot of time I get away from that boxy shape ...and there's more figure. When I am undressed I just feel skinny and awkward LOL!