...how the heckity heck you got along without it before?

I got shiny black classic 8-eyelet Doc Marten boots in December. I hadn't had any Docs since my early twenties, when I wore pretty much nothing else. I hadn't really though about Docs for a long time (possible over-saturation during the grunge era!), but last year my husband bought me a utility kilt from that shop in Seattle, and while I liked how it looked with my chunky steampunk 3"-heel boots, I decided what it really needed was a good ol' pair of Docs. So, birthday money in hand, I went out and got some. (I also got a pair of white pointy-toe Doc Marten chelsea boots, but those will need another thread).

Anyway. It turns out that these boots are what was missing from my wardrobe, and I didn't even realize it. They go with everything. That is not an exaggeration. For my style in particular, the classic Doctor Marten boots appear to be essential -- and I didn't know! How could I have been so short-sighted? I bet if I'd hired Angie to help me shop, she'd have noticed this glaring wardrobe hole a lot sooner.

Have any of you had this happen before? If so, what item was it? I'm not talking about wardrobe holes that you are aware of (I've had those before -- like the perfect charcoal knit cardi that you're always reaching for but that isn't there!).