I've never been one to carry multiple purses. Too many things to juggle and potentially lose/leave behind, etc. However, lately I've been wishing I had a small bag inside my big tote for short excursions for coffee, lunch, that type of thing. I use my big Longchamp tote or similarly giant bag at least 2X a week to carry my laptop, lunch, etc. In the winter, when I go out for coffee, I just shove my wallet and phone in my coat pocket. However, in the summer, I often don't have any convenient pockets so I either have to hold everything in my hand (awkward) or lug the whole big tote around (also awkward).

So I was thinking it would be nice to have a little clutch or purse to toss inside the big tote to use for times like this. For this to work for me it would have to be VERY lightweight, probably nylon or similar. If it adds any significant weight to an already heavy bag I know I will opt not to use it. I would also ideally like it to fit my sunglasses case, which is kind of gigantic (it's over 2" thick). My wallet is small and my phone is an iphone 5S so also pretty small.

I would also need some kind of strap. I can't do true clutches. A wristlet strap would be fine though. I would probably prefer that so as not to have a big long shoulder strap tangling things up inside my tote.

So, any suggestions? Do you do this and does it work well for you?

I was thinking something along this lines of the Dooney and Bourke pouchette, although I'd prefer a shorter or wrist strap.