Are any of you known for always (or almost always) incorporating a certain color into an outfit? Or do you have one color that you gravitate to?

I used to be a sucker for purple. Light purple, dark purple, royal purple, Easter egg purple.... Especially if there was Paisley in purple. I had purple shoes, purple pajamas, purple underwear sets, purple sweaters overflowing my sweater drawers, purple shirts of all styles, purple purple purple. I couldn't stop myself from buying it. But I never could really figure out how to wear it, so I had to force myself to stop.

Now I'm a sucker for blues. At least I can figure out how to wear blues. So amongst all the greys and browns and greys and blacks in my wardrobe, there's quite a lot of blue shades mixed in. (I did have to stop myself from buying all the blue shoes (all of them, seriously, if I saw blue shoes I bought them), because they never worked out and it was a waste of money for me).

Since I'm new here, I thought it would be a neat way to learn more about everybody.

So, what's your signature color? (And yes, I'll accept black as a color for the purposes of this discussion, because that's just some people's comfort zone in clothing)