A footwear refresh is one wardrobe project for me going into 2022. The max heel height currently in my closet is 1 inch - and those are boots that have thick platform-like soles. One pair of dressy patent pumps have a 3/4 heel. (I will hold on to them for the rest of my life, since they are perfect for the dressiest of occasions and not high heels!) Everything else is 1/2 inch or lower. 1/2 inch is more comfortable than a completely flat shoe - though inserts help, because mine do elevate the heel a bit.

I’ve played at trying on some very high platforms and high heels that look so-so pretty on the foot, and do nice things to the leg line, but I just didn’t feel stable, and they certainly weren’t walking anywhere shoes! I really am fearful of a fall or turning an ankle! (60+ problems )

So, do you have any ‘high’ heels lurking in your closet? Can/do you still buy/wear them? What is your max heel height tolerance? What is your favourite/most comfortable heel height? Any pretty low heeled footwear?