At the beginning of December I decided to try ordering a pair of Hotter oxfords, since they'd sent me a discount code which was expiring. Website said they'd be backordered until right before Christmas. OK, I said, it's not a rush. Never heard an update after the supposed date they'd be shipped, so I sent them a status query yesterday. Oh, those are sold out and there won't be any more, they say, and no explanation as to why they hadn't notified me already. I'm disappointed, not just about the shoes not being available, because that sort of thing happens, but in their lack of communication and customer service. You'd like to think that dealing with a smaller company and paying higher prices would get you a more pleasant experience, but not in this case.

Whelp, back to the drawing board. Too bad most of the other oxfords I've been eyeing have sold out in my size in the meantime. Nordstrom has a couple Born pair but I'd really like something that's neither black nor a reddish brown, which seem to be the two dominant choices this year.

This is the frustrating thing about only trying to shop a few times a year - I'm trying to buy anything else I need for the rest of winter, but half of it is sold out or not available in my size, and the other half is in the wrong colors.