So I ordered the Topshop "Marilyn" booties in both black and beige. I ordered both colors wth the intention of trying them with different outfits and deciding on keeping only one pair. Well, you know what happened - not only do they fit perfectly (and a perfectly fitting bootie is soooo hard for my fussy, narrow feet/narrow calves to find), but I have managed to come up with several outfits for both the black and the beige boots.

And it's not like I haven't tried to find another pair in either color - I am sitting here with seven (seven!) other pairs of booties, none of which fit as well as these or look as good.

I have purchased the same shoes in two different colors, but never booties or boots. These are such distinct looking booties that I might not keep both for that reason alone. However, the black pair would get worn with my sweater dresses, and the beige pair with my cropped pants and jeans. (See how I keep going back and forth between keep both/return one pair?)

So my question is, have you ever bought and kept two different colors of the same style shoe/boot? Have you/would you even if they were very "fancy" and not plain?