I just came across this mini-trend and I'm surprisingly captivated.

I've seen dickeys here and there this past year -- the fake shirt collars that you add under a sweater. I'm not a huge fan; they often seem too twee. But I'm bizarrely in love with Veronica Beard's interpretation. They have a line of different blazers and interchangeable dickeys that button in: a lace hoodie, a heavy cable knit, a down puffer.

I haven't been wearing blazers much recently but I love how this pulls the athleisure trend in to make a blazer more casual.

I added a few to Finds but Nordstrom has a whole range of them. I imagine you could mix and match, changing up one jacket with a few looks. If you could afford them... these are all $600 for the jacket and $250 for the dickey! Still, there's room for DIY versions, or just layering a light lace hoodie under my classic boyfriend blazer.

What do you all think?

(Edit: I searched and realized these must have been around a while, as a few of you were excited about the coat during the NAS. I guess I'm behind the trend!)