I have been avidly following Greyscale's posts about upgrading essential wardrobe items and her search for black denim skirts:


Both her posts struck a cord with me. I am one that buys a cheaper version of something (e.g., while jeans) to experiment and see if this is a wardrobe item I want to invest. Once I reach a certain comfort level, I most certainly do upgrade. This system has served me well through the years because if a particular trend does not work for me, I lost little in the experiment. I use Joy's insightful question of "if I upgrade to this garment, will I continue to search for this item????"

Joy's question works GREAT for wardrobe items that are not my personal obsession (e.g., black, and now, navy slacks). I will never NOT be shopping for them.

Anyways, this post is about denim skirts. I have been fascinated with Greyscale's black denim skirts. And now I have to have one. Not black. I am looking for a knee length, white denim pencil skirt. So I bought this one.

Not knee length, check. Not white, check. Pencil, check. Denim, check.

Is this the ultimate in settling!? It has not shipped yet, but I am oddly excited to try it on. I love the buttons. I think Greyscale pointed out that buttons are preferable to zippers (noted). Buttons, check.

The dark color and the length might make this skirt more useful (first rationalization). I am thinking I might be able to wear it to work ... sans hose (second rationalization)!!! I certainly own the shoes to coordinate with a skirt like this (third rationalization).