Over the course of the past couple of years, I have read posts from a subset of YLF Forum Members opting to transition their wardrobes from black as a neutral to navy as a neutral.

Quite of few of these Forum Members transitioned

successfully with little-to-no regret and certainly no pain.

A few of us had a harder time.

3Style wrote the following in regards to black versus navy:

My current debate with myself is also whether it’s worth having a black or navy preference going forward. I mostly prefer navy with white rather than black and white on me, but I love head to toe black and dark romance type patterns, most of which come on black. It’s like choosing between my left and right hands....

Her comment was timely because I have been having the exact same debate with myself as I rebuild my wardrobe.

I love navy It looks clean and fresh to my eye. Navy combined white is close to perfection. I was certain that I wanted to transition my black base to a navy base. This phase of my style journey was the best opportunity I was ever going to have to make that transition. It was like constructing on a clear slate.

So I started consciously buying navy garments and navy accessories. I consciously stopped buying black.

Problems arose for me.

I genuinely like black. Even if I stop buying black altogether, I still have a solid foundation of tops and blazers that work best with black. And don't forget the black purses, briefcases, and shoes that I own.

It was almost as though the black was calling out to me.

So I made decision to build TWO separate, but equal, capsules. One based on a black neutral. One based on a navy neutral. I have learned that black and navy can easily be worn together. Despite the fact that I can comfortably combine black and navy in my casual wardrobe, I am less inclined to do so in my work capsules. A black blazer with a navy skirt just looks like I got dressed in the dark.

3Style and I thought this debate was worthy of a thread and we bring it to you for discussion.