Sal, one person’s “high contrast” is someone else’s “skin color”. But I guess olive can be in the middle.

Agree with SarahD8 that width at the hem is important, regardless of inseam. Shorts that cling and/or ride up are so unflattering. Athleta has some potential options in colours you might like (olive and cinnamon). I have the Uniqlo linen shorts below (they have plenty of non-blue options too) and find them billowy enough. Also, the Everlane chino shorts. Gap, Boden, and J Crew shorts are all generally too slim through the leg for my preference, not good for muscular thighs.

I struggle with shorts too. I am short and curvy with a big behind and large thighs, and shorter shorts (3" inseam) just don't cover my rear end all the way! It seems like the only other choice is bermuda length. I don't often find shorts with 5" inseams, which I think would be perfect for me.

I did happen upon these from Free People and am loving them. In fact, I have them on today! You could hack them off to whatever length you like. I had the raw edge topstitched so it doesn't continue to fray, and I fold up the bottoms to make it look like the shorts are cuffed. On me, the leg opening is snug on my thigh, not loose like on the model.

I like that cinnamon color! It's pretty low contrast to me Definitely don't want denim, though that shape and length could work. Should probably just go into a shop and try on many different styles-but meh!