For those who have been on the hunt for chocolate brown these last several seasons, especially in trousers, I have noticed that retailers are now stocking them. Mango, Talbots, AT, Vince, Ralph Lauren, Reformation (whose cookie policy is as filled with legal escape routes as any I've seen)--anyone, really--now has a decent selection of silhouettes in darker browns that I would call chocolate (as do many of them).

Bummer is that, in desperation, I had an older Carlisle pair altered last year to current trends and bought a Carlisle second-hand silk trouser NWT that is at alterations now. I've also bought several lighter shades of brown, from ecru to rust, burgundy, and tobacco, that I'm now used to and happy with, especially since shapes are still high-waisted with room around the hips and thighs. Amazing how the right fit can override precise color concerns, especially when color is used as a strategy to conceal (fit obviously does that, too).

So I'm pretty set and not in need of spending money, although I did order a sale pair from Mango ($29) just for a try. I also notice there is a lot of brown in Finds as of today.

Brown lovers, rejoice!