What category are people using for posts about altering garments in some way, whether dying as Brooklyn does so fabulously, making/ altering your own like Sharon, or something else? Time for a new category?

Anyway, I’m eying these pants I’ve never worn. Can’t remember why I got them, but it was in Florida where it was too hot to wear them and when I was too big around for them. Now they fit me well enough for me see that they are too short. They’ll probably always be a cusp size for me in winter; I’d have a better shot at wearing them in the fall.

I have a pair of shorts and a skort that I enjoy wearing with tights much more than I like them bare-legged. Before I hit upon tights for the dark florals, i even did a post about how to alter them so my legs wouldn’t look so skinny. The skort also looks better with tights, for the opposite reason. The fun/ny look of knee socks with the jeans shorts makes a similar silhouette, even though that isn’t how I usually wear them. Judging from outfit photos, this seems to be a fall look for me. If I cut these off, they’d be my first pair of wool shorts. I’d likely wear them with my chunky blue loafers or newsie shoes—think the white boots are cringe-inducingly close-but-not-quite.

Should I go for it? Would the cut of them (on top) make for good shorts? What length: like the skort, florals, jeans, or something in-between? They could not be A-line, but I think I want cuffs. What do you think?

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