You have probably all heard of the exercise to hone in on your style preferences by grabbing something like 5 of your favorite things out of your closet, without overthinking it, and noticing what they have in common. There probably are posts about this in the archives, too, but it's a practice that's fun to revisit.

I do this periodically and was reminded because of Katerina's interesting post asking how one's style has changed. So today I grabbed several (couldn't stick to 5) of my absolute favorite summer things, not including denim or shoes. I know already that denim is a favorite category, and shoes my least favorite.

It was funny to see how little my summer favorites have changed and how consistent what I buy and wear is. Here's what they have in common based on today's grab:

   Pattern. If you count embroidery as a pattern, only two of these are solids. I adore patterns and almost have to force myself to get solids to balance them out.
  The patterns are mostly florals. I love stripes and dots and plaids too, but the ones that get the most love of all are florals.
  Flowy, loose but not oversized cuts.
  Open, moderate necklines- nothing very high or low.
  Wide legs (for non-denim)
  Soft, muted colors with the exception of my one bright, tomato red.
  A boho-lite feel.
  Tiers, ruffles and puffs, but nothing extreme.
  The fabrics are cotton, rayon and tencel. All drapey or soft, none crisp.
  Versatile. I guess part of my love for these is that I can wear them many ways. All are separates except for the one dress.
  Mostly not too trendy? The two pairs of pants are the new shorter full length and wide so a bit trendy, I guess.
  Most of these pieces I have had about 2-4 years. Several were bought second-hand. I think it's interesting I didn't reach for any of my newest things. Perhaps the new ones have not been around long enough for me to develop a history of happy wear with them.

In my casual everyday life, I do wear lots of plain and practical things out of necessity, but I prefer to dress up just a tiny bit with my flowy patterns, because they are what make me happiest.

How about you, do you like to periodically analyze your current favorites?

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