Last year I got my first ever pair of culottes. I bought them from ASOS for a knock down price of 16 AUD. It's a look that I have only become interested in trying lately, and I wanted to avoid an expensive mistake. I deliberately picked a pair that looks like an A-line skirt because I like A-line skirts and it felt like a natural progression.

I had planned to wear them last spring but, as they are a heavy polyester, they proved too hot to wear in our warm weather. The weather is cooling down here now, so I have been giving them a trial. FWIW, here are my thoughts so far.

First, I like the "idea" of them very much. My husband says they look like a skirt gone wrong (what is it with men and culottes?) but I prefer to think of them as a skirt with a twist. Because they are so skirt like, it's hard to demonstrate in the photos that they are pants. But with movement they do indeed look and feel like pants.

Second, these culottes have a dropped crotch. Wow, what a revelation in comfort! No fabric clinging to the inner thighs or crotch area. Excellent! But the back view does take some getting used to. (Sorry harem pants lovers, but I think you know what I mean )

Outfit 1 (pics 1 and 2): I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago. I was not entirely happy with it. I have worn an A-line skirt this way, but with cropped pants this look skewed too boyish for me. (I am sure many women could make this combination look fetchingly gamine, but that's not me.)

I decided I needed to ditch the ankle boots. I took a photo of the same outfit with tall boots that close the gap (pic 3), and felt much happier with the look. It seemed a bit softer (the boots are suede) and gave more of a 70s vibe (which I like).

Outfit 2 (pics 4-6): I wore this on a 17C/63F day this week (that's cold here, ha ha!). This is a pretty similar combination to outfit 1, but it was interesting how just switching one thing - the shoes - made me much happier with the outfit.

I am not sure yet whether I will invest in a better quality pair or a summer pair. But it has been a worthwhile trial because, if I do get another pair, I will get a longer pair so that the gap is not such an issue.

Your thoughts welcome

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