I keep mis-reading your heading as Cross-Dressing essentials LOL!

I think you have got it, and of course there is a bit of a grey area in the middle for some pieces. I am wearing a navy/ink silky tee, the front and back are different fabrics. There is a keyhole in the back. Worn with a jacket it is a simple navy silky tee, worn alone it is a small statement... I also have a black pussy bow blouse with texture, Worn alone with a contrasting tank under (or just a black bra, which I have only done once on holiday in Sydney a few years back) it is a statement, worn with a black tank and a jacket and it is an essential.

I actually love these pieces that are "almost essentials" because they are versatile but have a bit of interest. I see your footwear falling into this category, in the summer/spring especially.

Sally, those are wise observations. I agree with you, too. I really like the "essential" item with extra interest, as you've termed it. I don't have enough of these, but footwear does often fall into that role.

Laughing about the cross-dressing essentials. It's pretty much good for that if I were x-dressing as a man -- most of my essentials being a bit masculine!