I have cropped skinnies, straights and flares. The easiest to style are hands down the cropped skinnies. Next easiest are the cropped straights, which were in today's outfit post. And the hardest to style are the cropped flares.

I will wear just about anything with the high waisted cropped skinnies. High contrast, flats, untucked tops - you name it. And the proportions look fine to me.

I don't feel quite as streamlined in the cropped straights but opting for outfits that are JFE works well to my eye - and that you can see in the pics below. Lots of horizontal lines and high contrast does not bother me with the cropped straights as long as I close the gap with the right footwear.

Cropped flares on the other hand - I will only wear with a column of colour - and I mean head to toe the same colour - because I feel shorter in the leg and chunkier in the thigh when I don't. Granted, I do not wear high heels so I need to create vertical integrity in other ways.

I meant to mention this in today's post, and Lisap reminded me. (Thanks for the gushing comment too, Lisa).