They look fantastic and they ve integrated into your existing wardrobe beautifully by the looks of it.Please let us know how you find them in action,they do such a huge colour range I could be tempted myself!

These are perfect! I do think they work with skirts. I think winter context helps a lot— wearing these with more polished outfits ( meaning the type you have shown) but in true wintry snowy/ cold weather makes them look smart.

Amazing find, Suz. These are fantastic! Navy boots....swoon.

I usually go for more refined boots as well but I'm really loving these. I'm a bit confused with the Euro sizing though. The chart says 37 is a 6/6.5. I'm a 6/6.5 in North American sizing....usually 6.5 for boots/booties and regular width. Reading reviews it seems like some people my size bought 36 and some bought 37. I can get 37 in Canada but would have to order 36 from the US. Hmmm.

I've become obsessed with these. Where did you order from? I'm getting prices ranging from $168 (Taos website) to $229 (two shoe stores , one in MB and one in SK) and $509 ( , which is preposterous . I want the same colour as you have - indigo, correct? And what about those laces? Are they really brown- or will I not mind ?

Lisa, I ordered mine from I paid 168.00, free shipping. The colour selection is limited at that price but the indigo was still available in some sizes.
The sizing is a bit confusing but I went with the EU size which does not correspond with the usual US size. I am a size 6 and 35-36 EU. They show the 36 being a 5 to 5.5.
I have the brown ones coming! Exciting to find something readily available in Canada for a fair price.

Thanks Tina. My "local" stores don't stock the blue or the olive, and you're right, the website offers the best pricing. My usual size is an 8 - and I think I'll order a 39. I want them NOW - lol. I am wearing navy and olive today and wish I had navy casual boots. Never thought about it until Suz got these - lol.

It sounds like they fit on the generous side of the size scale.
These were certainly not on my radar either but the style and the fact that they have traction is a good selling feature for me. Northern (as in way northern) Alberta resident here. We’ve had a trying winter but February is half over and after that comes March and then spring:-) Longer days help a lot!

Suz - congrats they look great!! They are a bit reminiscent of my beloved ariat heritage lacers. I wear mine with dresses, leggings and pants too. I actually love the juxtaposition of a paddock like boot with a dressy outfit. I actually wear black leather hiking boots in that context too. The contrast is delicious to me!! Enjoy your gorgeous boots!!

Gryffin, I LOVE your Ariats and always have. I would order a pair in an instant if I knew the sizing better. They are pricey but I think worth it. One of these days I will probably go for it. I'd just like to try on in person before buying and I've never had an opportunity to do that.

Lisa, I got mine from Becker shoes. Pricier than the cheapest option:

I didn't see your link to the site until I'd already ordered! Oh well. I paid $30 more. But Becker is a local retailer so I can feel good about supporting them.

Mine are blue ink, not indigo. It looks like the indigo is a bit brighter and also a bit distressed with brown flecks? The ink blue seems darker and shinier, although it is not as shiny in person as it may look in my photos. It does have a teeny tiny feel of "police boot" though. Hmmmm.

Marilyn, it sounds like you need the 36, not the 37. I took the 37 and I'm a 6.5/ 7 in US sizes. And the 37 is a generous 37, at least it seems so to me.

It looks like the Taos Canada has some 36s in indigo and other colours...

Also, the laces are brown. I don't know what I think of that. I might change them out, but they are okay for now.

And Tina, I fear they will be too large for you in the size you ordered...but I hope not! Their sizing chart is bizarre...

Ok. Didn't notice two blue options the first time I looked. The sole looks brown too - is that the case? I don't know why I can't see anything clearly on my monitor lately - these colours are all too similar, or my old eyes are worse than I thought. Not sure I want a brown sole - that could be the deal-breaker there.

The sole and heel are both a very dark charcoal brown, if that makes sense. Not a brown that stands out as BROWN (like the laces) but a very subdued unnoticeable tone close to greyed black.

Thanks for this , Suz . My finger is poised on the buy button

I want the teal ones. I have no need for boots. Sigh.

I just put a pretty big PF lift in them...(the kind I sometimes use when running, not my normal "fashion" lift). Tons of room for that and it holds my heel more stable. They definitely feel like "boots" not booties, though. A bit like stompy boots. Wearing to a medieval music concert tonight.

Thanks, Suz. I really want the ink blue so may order from the

US. It's not that much more than here with all costs included.

I'm debating if I want to try a pair from Canada first....just for ease of return. I looked at my Hunter boots and they are a 37/UK4. They're roomy but I bought them in store and compared to 36 at the time. Obviously don't know how the two boots compare though. Have you tried Hunters?

I haven't tried Hunters, alas.

But they are originally a British brand, right? In that case, they are not true EU sizing, but British (with rough translation to EU) which is different. British shoes are a much harder fit for me, personally. Australian, too. I do best in European EU sizes. North American 6.5 is sometimes perfect and sometimes too small. 7 sometimes perfect, and sometimes too big. And sometimes I wear a 7.5 in athletic shoes.

I'm theoretically a 4.5 in British - but often it does not work.

These are super cool looking winter boots. I am in love with the color. They look great with all your outfits but that skirt is fab. I would never have thought to put that together and it looks so good on you. I hope they serve you well!

Thanks, Suz. Yes, Hunters are British. They're my dog walking boots for slushy winter and spring days. They are rubber boots and fit like rubber boots so can't really be compared to other footwear. I always chuckle at the girls who wear them as a fashion thing. Mine are covered in mud and splatters and are nothing but functional. LOL

I've bought, and tried on, a lot of shoes from l'intervalle which uses EU sizing. They're made in Spain. I'm a solid 36 there so that's probably my answer. I think the size comparison charts are a little skewed because I haven't fit into a 5/5.5 since I was about 20.

I wore them tonight with the skirt and tights and I put the fairly large PF insert into them -- no problem. The sole/ heel is a nice "springy" but not spongy feeling rubber -- they are super comfortable right out of the box. I'm sure I could have walked for miles. I walked only about half a mile tonight. They're excellent on pavement. We only have crusty bits of snow on the sidewalks now -- they're mostly bare.

I couldn't /wouldn't wear these in true snow. But would wear in light rain or very light flurries.

Excellent and well deserved find! Good work team Anna/Suz!

I’m so glad these are going to work for you!

Are you still on the hunt for true weatherproof ones or will these fill enough of your boot hole at least until next year?

Well, I might also have ordered a few more items.

One weatherproof, one not.

The weatherproof one is a bit more refined (but flat heeled, so still practical), and the non-weatherproof one is virtually weatherproof because of a bit of a platform and lug sole -- obviously not for true snow, or form -20 temps, but fine for walking on not less than fabulous days.

Together with my others, I think they'll get me through this year. As for next year, that's another matter entirely, right?

The ones already in the closet...except my La Canadienne short boots are black suede, not leather.

Gosh, I love the Elodies. I'm tempted by those myself.

LaPed, I really hope they work. I think they could be my Blundstone substitute. The platform should provide more padding for my plantar fasciitis and they look as if there will be room for an insole if needed as well. The only issue is they don't have a tab for getting on and off and one reviewer said they were impossible to wear for that reason. But I could get a cobbler to put one on. I do sometimes need it on Chelsea boots due to a high instep. But we'll see.

PSA: There’s a new-with-tags pair of Taos Crave boots, burgundy, size 38 available on Poshmark listed for $90. (Such a good deal that I considered snagging them, but decided to hold out for ink blue). Link:

Ha, totally not what I was expecting when I read your post title! Taos is 2.5 hours north of here and popular for weekends trips.