I know a lot of you fabbers like to count how many times you wear things. I decided to do it to see what I can learn about my wardrobe. (I want my clothes to last and be useful, but I don't ever count how many wears I get for garments over their lifetime or cost per wear).

I did it for December, January, February. These are the three coldest months of deep winter for me. The items below have all been worn 3x or more. Not shown are holiday-specific pieces and items I wore 1 or 2 times, and not shown are the uniqlo and other underlayers I wear daily. These are all for outfits worn outside the house, I didn't track the at-home only stuff.

The Numbers

  • Pants/jeans: 6 jeans and 2 pants were worn 3x or more (one pair of jeans worn 11 times, another worn 8 times), and 8 more that I did not wear often.
  • Sweaters: 7 that I wore 3x or more, and 22 that I wore 2x or fewer mostly because they are boring, worn out, or otherwise no longer interest me, plus a few holiday specific ones.
  • Footwear: 4 “winter” boots worn many times plus 1 slightly dressier one. 4 more worn once
  • Bag: I’ve been using my pompom London black crossbody EVERY SINGLE DAY since it arrived the first week of December, mostly with the black/white patterned strap.
  • Outerwear: wore my three puffer coats most of the time, with a puffer jacket once or twice on warmer days. Wool overcoats worn hardly at all. No surprise there, the puffers are the warmest coats I have and they feel "right' for my super casual life.
  • No dresses or skirts.
  • Only one or two topper + top ensembles.
  • I was generally happy with what I was wearing when I stuck to these frequently-worn items. I have a feeling I'd like more variety but maybe it's not so important.
  • I have switched from swapping my bag out fairly often to using the same one for 3 months. It DOES simplify things! In winter the coat, hat, gloves, bag, car keys, winter boots thing (putting on when leaving the house, taking off when returning) does get old and using just one bag removes a step from the dance. I will see how I feel as we move into spring.
  • I would like more variety in deep winter outerwear so I need another puffer coat. I did try about a half-dozen camel colored ones but nothing worked. I was also looking for boots in that color but that didn't happen either.
  • I have a LOT of sweaters I’m not crazy about and a much smaller number of ones I like a lot. Out of balance. Seems to be a perpetual issue for the 3+ seasons where I wear sweaters. Between finding things that fit and finding reasonable quality with modest prices (I hate spending $$$ on sweaters because the quality is so unpredictable), not to mention items I LIKE, it seems to be an ongoing issue.
    • I think I'm not refreshing this area as much every year/season as I need to. Instead I tend to hold things a long time even after I'm tired of them.
    • I also discovered this year that I can't count on V-neck sweaters in winter because these days I do not like the look of indoor scarves or cotton turtleneck under layers and an open V-neck is not warm enough.
  • I wear jeans a LOT, and should either expand my selection or find some alternatives. Again, another perpetual issue.
    • I've been under-stocked here since I lost weight 2.5 years ago.
  • Colors: no surprises here: I prefer dark blue and black denim, black, grey, and a little bit of light blue and dark red in winter. I have some camel/tan items but didn't wear them much. I do seem to be in a minimal/solid frame of mind these days, sticking with mostly neutrals plus maybe one piece in a color, and not wearing much pattern at all. I do want to start adding lighter colors as the days get longer but still mostly neutral solids.
  • I think I need a much smaller wardrobe than I might have thought. I could probably have stuck to the pieces shown here, skipped the items I didn’t like, and maybe worn these out sooner, but would have liked my outfits better overall.
Thanks for reading this far Would love to hear any observations, ideas, suggestions you may have!