I keep writing long responses and not being able to post - but I say keep! I think the green makes for a nice ‘Spring’ update even before temperatures actually get spring-like. I’m admittedly biased because green is my favourite colour and likewise I’ve noticed some people are biased against it due to their personal feelings.

Greyscale, thanks! Black is the perfect one for you! I'm glad to have inspired you.
Jules, high five! I really love green, too. I find it curious and a bit unfortunate that there is so little of it in my color palette. I'm not a total stickler for the palette, though.

Perfect spring color! I like it without the belt I had two pink jumpsuits in the 80’s; one satin and one corduroy! Enjoy!

I adore this on you! The green is perfection for you! I vote KEEP!

Besides, St Patrick's day is coming up!

It's awesome, especially with sneakers. What's most important is whether you feel happy wearing it. If you do, keep!

I like it a lot with white pieces that you posted last - fresh spring look with perfect coat! Your eyes and skin look brighter next to the green color - very nice!

What Greyscale said. I LOVE it on you with the bits of white to help break up the green. The green itself is gorgeous on you and such a fun spring refresher!

I am late to the party but I’m glad it sounds like you are keeping this. It’s perfect!

Great color! I like it the most with the white top under too.

I think the green jumpsuit is great on you! I like how you kept it fresh with the white combination!

Perfection! It is a great color on
You and I love the styling!

I love your husband’s suggestion! And on the back, embroider the name of your team, real or imaginary.. I like the green on you, but I would want denim. “My” green is olive.

I am swooning over that green; so hard to find! I haven’t seen you wear that color but it makes me happy that it’s under serious consideration. Looks like it’s a great fit on you.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments!
Janet, DH added a similar suggestion, too, of putting Chevron or Shell on the back. . . . haha.
Donna, thank you. I think I would wear more of this green if I saw it more often.

Oh, boiler suit is not my piece of cake and haven't even seen so many IRL (on RL adult women) either so I was always curious about the back view- but this looks good--just wondered how other's with the dropped crotch (and structured!) look like. I cannot advice how many times you will wear, but is a good fit& color on you andyou've styled it great!

ETA-this color sage (or pale mint?) green was really a new thin last year, but I see aditional items continuing to appear this year, too-so may last some seasons and I love it, too! (Already bought 4 pieces in this (a satin geom print skirt, a short sleeve knit sweater to it, a summer ribbed cardi and a scarf.)

Very late but I too love this - it suits your modern edgy but practical style. Great for city biking too.

Lyn, thanks for your thoughts! I am unsure what to call this color, too. It's brighter than sage, more green than mint, less yellow and slightly more blue than spring green. I'm thinking of it as summer green.

Thank you, Sal! Yes, I will wear it to ride my town bike.