Although I wear mostly "cool" colors and Raspberry is my color of the year, I run more earth tones in summer (olive, khaki, leather colors) and always gravitate to some versions of coral or orange--usually in prints where background is darker, and usually not too bright or neon which will overpower my coloring.

Angie posted this jacket in her recent post and while it really is too "bright" a shade of coral per se, I was interested in the dark slubbing and trim, which sometimes cools things off and also works well with dark bottoms--jeans or black or navy pants.

I didn't order any of the N& Z tops shown because that would make me look like a Talbot's ad for sure ( I own Talbot items so I can say that!).

I rather like it but have several questions for myself and the fashion gurus.
--it is still a bit bright for me and you can't really judge that by the photos, but the tweedy fabric plus using black, blue, navy helps that a lot.
--so, for me it will be with dark colors mostly giving the "bright topper over column of color" so I'm trying to think if that will be too Johnny-one-note. But it can be that thing that you find more things that work than you thought.
--in the pandemic, how often will I wear it and when? I have missed "cool spring". I would wear this into fall, but then wait until next spring again.
--It's not "classic" perhaps, but not sure what that would look like in a bright color and casual style, other than a cardigan or a chino fabric, and I steer way from pure linen.

Shown below are:
1--black T with jeans
2-EF linen stripe top with navy linen pants
3-Hudson cargo pants
4-Lafayette cropped pants + black T
5-same with stripe
6-Anthro ditsy print sleeveless top

Tried a white top and didn't like it so well. Will also try black T with white pants and maybe dark sneakers.

I find the bright color very cheering and I wear mostly dark pants even in summer, and column of black/gray/navy or similar is one of the main ways I wear light or bright jackets. . Also though black is not a face-flattering color for me now, I wear black T's in summer becauseI just like them and there is more skin showing, whereas a great black turtleneck is death on me. I can skew sloppy/frumpy in knit jackets but it has small shoulder pads; it does not have a back vent, which would have been better. The pockets have an interior snap, which may help keep them from bagging out when not in actual use.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

ETA I wore it yesterday and also am showing:

7-BR print tee that has a more tangerine orange--that bugs me some because I am matchy

8=My Fossil tote for desert capsule of olive, khaki, blues, orange/coral

9 JC linen knit top--perfect color but has longer high-low hem so not sure I will like it hanging out in back

10-older TJMaxx T with blue/black/white stripes

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