Thanks for sharing both color versions of the coats.
Angie, do cool leopards work better (as a "neutral", more versatile) on some complexions or brighter leopards can better be "neutrals" and on what complexions? Or do they both work the same? What shade, cool or bright, do you think would be more versatile for me? I am looking at the moto-like one and I also love the light colored one but that may be a total washout on me.
I love your chosen coat, btw.

Oh man, the cool options are terrific. Wow. I never understood why traditional leopard coats were not right for me-- I am now enlightened!

I'm not in the market for a leopardy coat--for whatever reason, the only animal patterns I wear are reptile. Or so I thought. I actually do have *one* leopard pattern item--socks in cool-toned mid gray with black and white spots--and have been surprised at how well I like them. If I were ever to do a coat, it probably would be a desaturated neutral. Thanks for posting these pretty finds.

I prefer reptile prints, too.

Boy, the light bulb just went on for me as well! I know leopard is a neutral, but I was always disappointed when seeing it ON ME. And envious of women who wore it fabulously, naturally!

With everyone's insights and Angie's beautiful finds, I see that the cool version of animal prints are what I was missing. My neutral animal print is a COOL neutral, not a warm one.

This has opened up a whole new direction - thanks all! - time to shop! ...

The Boden coat in the cooler options is really appealing to me. Funny enough, I read the review and while it was written from a negative point of view, all the statements are actually positives in my book. Reviewer complained that the coat is not fitted in the middle and the print is subdued. These were my top 1 and 2 favorite parts about this coat.

Traci, that's such a great insight. Reviews can often tell us more than the reviewer knows!

Angie -- excited about your new coat! I hope it works. I won't order one yet. I need to think. And I will probably pose as a new thread a question I have related to it.

You're right -- I am quite giddy about these coats! I really loved the discovery of leopard print when I joined YLF; in the past I had never thought it was for me. I miss its warmer version in my closet. I still have a bit (my leopard belt, plus a clutch with a leopard front) but it doesn't work as magically any more. I do love my cooler toned leopard scarf and would certainly wear an enjoy a cool leopard coat. The Minkoff one is seriously tempting me.

I have an old version of the River Island coat - it's pretty flimsy but really fun to wear in the right temps!

If I could possibly think about any coat when the temperature still hovers around 90, and if I didn't have so many coats I could wear a different one every day in January, and if I could imagine wearing a animal print coat at all, I would be all over the Rebecca Minkoff one !

Excited to have you all join me in leopard coat land! Let's have a meetup and all wear them!

Superb! Love the idea of a cool animal print. I'm going to browse eBay - great idea!