Wow! Amazing find, Suz! Fantastic outfit.

Lucky find and it looks great with your sandals!

Carla, good observation.

The shoulder fit is actually spot on. But there are pads. And there is a slight issue with the arm fit (of all places). I debated leaving the jacket in the store because of this. It's not bothersome or noticeable with my arms down. But if I drove every day and had to have my arms out in driving position a lot of the day, I wouldn't have purchased this jacket. It could be that the arm scye (is that what it is called?) is not cut quite right for my body.

I rarely ever have this issue with jackets (though I know many do) so I might fiddle with the pad to see if it helps. But honestly, the problem is wildly exaggerated by my pose in the sideways photo -- I was twisting like crazy in a way I'd never have to do in regular life, IFKWIM. It's actually perfectly comfortable for my normal activities. But I do have to wear this with a sleeveless top, unlike most jackets.

Yes it’s the right word , but it’s all one word

Wow, that looks amazing! So happy for you! Maybe take it to a tailor to see if there is an easy fix for the armholes?

I really love the sandals in this outfit. They bring together all the different shades of blue.

Looks great on you! Max is adorable.

Fab find! It looks smashing on you and wonderful with your sandals. Great to see handsome Max, too.