I agree with Claire, that blue cocoon coat would be stunning on you.

These coats are making me wish I lived in a colder climate Hope you are on the mend Suz, take care

Suz, if you can find the coat you're looking for in a Vancouver J Crew store (the Park Royal one is 5 minutes away), I can send it to you, no problem. PM me if I can help!

I love the blue cocoon coat. I have scoping out the jcrew costs as well. The cocoon runs big- so order down a size. The stadium cloth seems like a smooth wool. The double cloth seemed more textured to me. I ordered the double cloth lady day coat in coral- my first bright coat so I hope the blue works out for you. Feel better!

I've eyed that J.Crew coat several times -- I adore the blue and the modern shape. Then I sigh, because I'm pretty sure those sleeves won't clear my forearms. And the hips? What hips can fit in that coat?

Well, my dear, that means that I get Bean while you get J. Crew. I suspect that the very cut that doesn't work for me will make you look fab. My only question would be the shoulder line. I'm learning that I prefer a natural shoulder to a rounded raglan or dropped shoulder. I think the stand up collar will give you the structure you need in the shoulder area, and, with a more Regency than Raphaelite bosom, you won't have any bulkiness to worry about.

Suz, you have a great collection of coats, each playing a part in your wardrobe, and are wise to enlarge it for more specialized uses. I really love your cranberry one. Another cocoon and another puffer would be a good idea too. Make sure you try the cream ones as there are many shades out there, and some enlighten a blond complexion while others don't do any favors.

I hope you will get better soon! I am so sorry you feel bad from being sick right now. It sounds horrid. Please rest well.

I'm glad you went to the Dr., and Whew! So glad it's not something that can stop you from planning your wardrobe! I mean, we'd have to take drastic measures in that case...

I don't really have any suggestions other than to say that I love that Trina Turk plaid coat, and I think a cocoon coat would be very flattering. I tried one on last season and loved the style.

Rest and get better soon!

Suz I have your solution. Once healed, hop in your car, 1 hour or so Northish over to me. We have a new outlet mall open - Tanger - housing J Crew, Michael Kors and loads of others. It opened one week or so ago.We also have Eddie Bauer, HM, Zara etc at Bayshore mall.

Well that sounds great, Glory! I am very tempted to do just that.

Feel better Suz! Shopping for coats at retail stores is sort of out of my ken, but I love the idea of a white puffer and bright wool coat for you. Duh :-)!

Don't you need an orchid puffer?

unfrumped, I'd love an orchid puffer. Haven't seen the right one yet, but I can still keep looking!

Suz, I wish you a speedy recovery from your virus and even when you're not feeling 100%, you still have your delightful sense of humor.

As for all these pretty coats, I don't have any experience with puffers (why would I here in California!), and I am drawn to the J. Crew Stadium Cocoon Coat in the blue, as Claire mentioned.

As for your current coats, I love the Vince Camuto ink and black military-style coat, and just wish it had a warmer lining for you. That style works beautifully on you.

Hope you feel better soon.

Just chiming in to say I hope you feel better soon. I just recovered from a virus that plagued me for 10 days, so I know how it feels. It seems like it's never going to end.

As for the coats, I vote for the blue one. Even if you can't get that coat, maybe you can find another one in that same color. That's assuming it's what you're looking for.

How are you feeling this morning, Suz?

Just wanted to add that I had a quick look on the Massimo Dutti and Macy's websites, and found a few coats that might have potential. (The Via Spiga one comes in red, but I could only collect the white version.).

Oh, and speaking of orchid puffers. Have you seen this short LE puffer coat, Suz?
I bought it in the Fuschia Plum Heather colourway because I needed a warm coat for (exercise) walking in cold weather. The colour is slightly less vibrant in real life, and maybe not a true orchid, but a beautiful colour nonetheless. I also love it in Hedgerow Heather and in Nautical Heather.

The Nautical Heather is also available for the long puffer. A shame that they changed the other colours slightly for the long version (well at least for people who wear cool tones really well).

Inge, thank you so much! Yes, I have been debating about that puffer jacket and the coat. I was worried that the colours might be a bit washed out but am encouraged by your review. I'll need to check the website again -- I could have sworn that Fuchsia plum was also available in the coat length in N. America but I could be fooling myself and perhaps that is why I didn't pull the trigger -- because I don't want another blue-grey coat and I don't really want a jacket length, either.

I am off to follow up on your other links. I suspect the Massimo Dutti coats are not warm enough for my climate, alas....but still worth a look, for sure! You are the link-lady extraordinaire!!

Glory and Suz, not to burst your bubble, but your Tanger JCrew will be an outlet and not a retail JCrew. (I shop at Tanger outlets in Kittery Maine. That is where my JCrew outlet is.)

For some things the outlet will be fine and even great: flannel pjs, button-down shirts, jeans, jewelry, some blazers, etc. Winter coats (in my experience) are very much a crap shoot. I just returned the outlet cocoon coat I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's several inches shorter than the retail version and it is a very lightweight wool (it wrinkled visibly just by from hanging in my hall closet, which is full but not packed with coats) -- the upshot is the wool is really not very substantial. I am heading to a JCrew retail store tomorrow to try on the retail cocoon coat, and I am expecting it to be quite a different animal.

Thanks, Viva. I have never looked at Outlet stuff but I definitely want a decent quality coat.