I was sorting my winter sleepwear and exercise wear (which at times overlap; that could be the topic of a separate post) and paused at a well-used pair of Express sweatpants. They’re about 10 years old and showing their age, and I wouldn’t wear them out of the house. I was considering putting them in the Donate bin, when I remembered that they were the perfect comfortable and comforting choice the last couple times I had flu. They’re not tight, the fabric is soft and launders well, and they’re warm. They’re now at the bottom of the winter sleepwear pile, in a special new category: Things To Wear When I’m Sick (which I hopefully won’t need too frequently). I think I wore an equally casual sweatshirt with them the last time I was sick.

Related to this, I posted a few years ago about needing to go to the ER when I happened to be wearing a soft poncho, and how wonderful it was to put the poncho over the hospital gown for warmth, for a cover up, and for a semblance of control and style in spite of the circumstances.

What do you wear when you’re sick?