Such wonderful photos Greg. Thank you. These ladies all look even more beautiful and stylish if that is possible.

What a swell party Thanks so much for sharing.

Absolutely amazing photos that are so well captured and very flattering to everyone in them. It looks like it was a fabulous party.
CocoLion: I LOVE your clutch.

Thanks for posting more pics from the weekend! As someone else wrote, it's wonderful to see all the candids; they reveal different aspects of each person than her WIW's do. And what marvelous candids you took!

you all look fantastic!!! great pictures!!!

Greg, these are great! I feel as though I'm right back at the elegant Chez Dashielle with the lovely and charming company of that very special evening!!

Wow - thank you Greg! What a treat!

So much beauty. Thank you for sharing Greg.

Such amazing photos! I wish I'd been there and almost feel like I was with these picture! Thanks, Greg, for sharing.

Great photos Greg!

Thanks so much for posting these wonderful pics, Greg. You captured the mood and happiness factor (and sky-high style quotient of all the Fabbers) beautifully. Looking at these pics, it's as if I'm mingling with all the YLF SSIF Stars all over again:-)

I had such an amazing time. Thanks again Dashielle and Steve for throwing the best cocktail party ever.

Wow! You all look so amazingly fabulous, it's hard for me to believe I "know" you ... it's making me a bit star-struck

Great pictures, Greg!

What gorgeous photos! The candid portraits are particularly engaging. Thanks so much for posting these.

(Angie and I are not super impressed with whatever we're looking at in #12 )

Oh what fun! To dress up with fabbers is like a dream. Everything looks amazing. Thank you for sharing - we (I) never tire of seeing more!

So much fabness in one room! Thanks for capturing the energy and spirit of the occasion and sharing it with those of us who couldn't be there!