This is great on you, Liesbeth! Another vote for anything in the pinks or purples!

Thanks Inge, Synne, Bijou and nemosmom! Purple does sound good. Maybe Bijou is right and I can let the beanie come to me and rest my shopping adventures for a bit :).

Sweet! I love Inge’s ideas for a beanie.

Do you knit? I would find yarn the exact color, and add other colors I like to wear, and knit my own hat. I’ve done that, and even dyed some of the yarn with Kool Aid (sugar free).

Oh, this is sensational on you! It looks super useful AND beautiful. Enjoy!

I like the idea of anything in the purple family with it too! Glad you got it

Thanks rachy, suz and suntiger!
Great suggestion jAileen. I have knitted a beanie once before but found the round knitting confusing and annoying :). But I might try a scarf again someday...

Great coat - love that color on you. Patterned print in scarf or hat? I was imagining a mix of grey, aqua, navy and a touch of yellow. Not bright yellow but a subtle one, just enough to brighten winter day.

Beautiful coat that fits you so good. A perfect coat for tough conditions - cold, wind, rain - worths the full price so it was a good decision to get it.

I LOVE it on you! So glad you got it and I hope it gives you quite a few years of service. You've gotten good advice about accessory colors, and I love the idea to just let something come to you (especially since it seems that so many different colors would go with it).

Ooh, this is amazing! So glad you didn't give up on getting the coat.

Sorry, but I don't have any suggestions for pieces to pair with it. I have lots of issues in that area myself!

I love this colour and wear it with mustard, toffee, rust, moss, olive green, navy, winter white, brown, camel, salmon, and grey. Whew. I guess it’s pretty much a neutral for me ;-).

Thanks Angie, Dreika and Sara!
Gigi, hard to be color challenged right
Slimcat, that does sound pretty.
Wow missvee, that's some advanced color work!

Ooh, I like the idea of mustard too!