Hi there,

Starting in on a closet edit using Angie's six pile method, and for my own learning (any maybe to learn from or help others), thought I'd share where I'm at.

Keep: I have plenty of keepers (a closet-full). I'll revisit the closet again towards the end of spring or possibly even summer to see if I really am loving and wearing everything in the warmer weather category. I'll do a closet review to identify gaps, with emphasis on my essentials.

Temporary Keep: Only two items here: my charcoal and white sweater dress, and a black rain coat. Both are workhorses which could do with an upgrade.

Alteration: Two items put aside here, not sure they are worth altering - both have served their purpose and are not essential items. Neither is beloved. Think I just answered that question. Moving on ...

Holding Zone: Preface: chronic over-purger here, so I was a little generous with this pile ... I have several held items, all 'okay but not great' pieces that I don't use (often at least) - some may have potential though, and I may have seasonal bias against a few of them (e.g. a lightweight plaid shirt that I might wear when its warmer). I'll do a proper try-on of these another day and may ask the forum for some feedback!

Sentimental: None. I'm a heartless robot. Actually my wedding dress is still hanging there, for 15 years now - still haven't taken it to the cleaners lol. See - heartless robot I actually do put it on sometimes to give my kids a laugh.

Pass On: Only a couple items: gray skinny jeans that I want to like but don't, a black tunic popover that was bought out of desparation for an occasion and has not been worn since, a bulky cableknit sweater that was a bad buy from day one. Buh-bye.

Next steps: closet review, and then tackle the holding pile. A bit muddled but think it will work for me - maybe holding pile items will address needs that come up in review.

Thanks for reading if you made it through!