I am slowly going through my closet a category at a time, but I am bit behind in posting. I think I should be able to finish the actual edit by Monday, though I will be post the results throughout next week.

I haven't been wearing many accessories in the last few years other than watches, and occasional scarf or belt, but I hope to change that this season with maximalism trending. I went through my collection and purged about 25% in most categories, and here is the general breakdown.

Glasses: I am nearsighted, but don't wear them all the time, only for movies, talks and such. My main pair is teal, and have a back-up, older pair in eggplant - I love the color but the shape is not the best for me.

Sunglasses: I used to be in good shape here with a pair over oversize black Guccis and blue-grey medium sized Marc by Marc Jacobs. Then at the beginning of the year I lost a little screw on the Guccis, and managed to loose the MJs I bought a cheap tortoise pair to tide me over the summer. I need to see if the Guccis can be fixed and probably should invest in a nice new pair next spring.

Belts: I have a nice and pretty large collection in various neutrals and some fun patterns. I do not need anything new here, but would the right rose gold belt to match my rose gold and blush shoes.

Watches: I have two I wear all the time, white Michael Kors and mixed metal Marc Jacobs ( 1 and 2). I have a third, MJ too, I used to wear all the time - like #3 but with silver metal and pewter leather strap. The strap broke from use and Nordies hasn't been able to replace it. I need to see if watch repair shops can help. I would really love an eggplant new watch like the MK in #4, but sadly not in the budget this season.

Scarves: I have a ridiculous amount of shapes, sizes and weights. I have always liked scarves and wore them moderately. After some major neck surgeries 3 years ago, I was left with nasty large scars and wore scarves or higher necklines all the time till early 2015 to hide them. This is when my collection ballooned, especially since I received tons of them as gifts as my friends knew I was very sensitive about covering my neck.

Winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves): I get cold easily and wear all the three all the time in colder weather. I have realized that my preffered way of wearing them is to have a hat and scarf that match/go together and a simple pair of lined leather gloves that blends well with the coat I am wearing. I have three such pairs of gloves (black, grey and burgundy) and am well covered there. I certainly have a decent amount of hats and scarves but some of them are mismatched. About two winters ago I managed to loose 4 or 5 hats in single season due to lots of stress I was going through at the time health wise. I have replaced some, but still do not quite like the state of my collection. I would love a matching scarf/hat cashmere set in light blue or burgundy. I am definitely planning to get simple black wool beret to go with my new military TT coat. I am also on lookout for a nice plum scarf to go with a fun hat/gloves set from last winter (#5 and #6).

Costume jewelry: I do not wear rings. I have some bracelets, but wear them extremely rarely, and only something like a big statement cuff. My ears used to be pierced but they closed for some reason and formed some scar tissue, and I have been nervous about re-piercing them, though I would like to wear earrings occasionally. My main jewelry category is necklaces, and I am hoping to start wearing them more again. I have a lot of chokers, especially soft fabric ones, for the same neck surgery reasons mentioned above in the scarves category. I was very happy to see they are trending again this season, and am looking forward to wearing them. I may pick up one or two fun new inexpensive versions. I would also like to find 1-2 non-choker statement-y necklaces. I have some older ones, but would like something more current.